Of UNSADA Japan Fair and Eyebrow-less Kind Person Lovers

Universitas Darma Persada, UNSADA for short, held an event for the weekend, 1st and 2nd of March 2014. I wasn’t intending to go until my friend invited me, as he is a member of the Anime-Manga-Drama club there….

First when I arrived there, there’s no sight of a fellow comrade in my world of the Internet, not even the one who invited me! But thankfully soon after walking around on the Comic Market titled SADACO, I was able to recognize a fellow Eyebrow-less Kind Person twitter pals— I mean, a fan of Neru (Oshiire-P) who is one of my Twitter pals, Sieb. Until I went home I hang out around her booth a lot since I hate walking around without company, thanks!

I was able to meet up with several buddies soon such as the big guy who invited me— Saku a.k.a hisuikohaku, the ideal imouto figure; Feli, and a fellow member of KAORI, Mira. Overall, it was fun!

I was also able to take several Cosplayer pictures ranging from KagePro to Danganronpa, but these are not including the ones with Aya Yuuhi’s face appearing since it’s a rather disturbing cameo 😛

Little fun fact that the Maou Sadao cosplayer brought some McDs with him soon after I saw him again. Such a great way to express a character.

Too bad I didn’t get to watch the Kokoro no Tomo talkshow…. >_< but I gathered quite a loot from the event, though it’s literally only from like 2-3 from my Fandom….


Ahoy~ Ahoy~ Loots coming ahoy~

Saku gave me the Fresh Precure comic since he found it rather cheap on an used bookstore, and obviously the namecard was for free— but the others are bought!

Including on the bought loots are pin-badge of Neru’s symbol of the Yasashii Hito-s and a keychain of the song ‘Re-Education from Neru featuring the dog-eared Tanaka and Yamaguchi (Sieb illustrated the Neru stuffs~ Though I didn’t buy her E-kun….), a gag comic collection titled ‘KOMAKAI’ (Saku wrote one of them!), and a keychain and a pinbadge of the Kancolle Engrish-speaking Kanmusu, Kongou-dess!


Closer look to the commissioned Puella Magi Azuma~

I also commissioned Sieb for an image of the World-Dominating Kind People staring ‘Puella Magi Azuma Magica’ and QB ver of Tsuji the eyebrow-less alay~ Was going to req her some Kosaka Chihiro before but she don’t know the character well so…..

In short—- Despite that I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t watch the livestream of KEEP HAVING FUN due to this event…. it was really worth it!


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