Mekakushidan Indonesia’s Valentine Event’14 Highlight!

Both me and Fue as fellow admins have decided our choices for the February 2014 Valentine event on the group Mekakushidan Indonesia! 🙂 There are a lot of good entries this time, mostly on the ‘Choco for You’ category.

So then, let’s see who are listed as the best on each categories, alongside with my personal comments. They’re with Facebook quality, obviously, and if you want to see the highest quality you have to see the artist’s personal art sites, some are linked on the image.

(I’m using the Facebook first name or the submitted nickname, please message me on Twitter/FB if you guys didn’t want to be referred by those name— I’ll change it!)

Normal Love Category

Canonically speaking, KagePro have quite a number of straight a.k.a NL pairing, right? But unexpectedly, they have less entries compared to another category…. However, they’re still good and hard to decide! Let’s see the three that got chosen to be high-lighted!


ShinAya by Hana

This is really a wonderful ShinAya fanart made by our member Hana a.k.a Parrareru! Once we saw it being one of the entries, we eventually decided to put it on the Wall of Fame. I especially like it’s beautiful colors and the expression Shintarou and Ayano gave.


KanoKido by Soda

Kano and Kido looks adorable in this art by one we called Soda (her Facebook name differs, though). Kitty snuggles are really cute, and the bright colors are really nice, no wonder it gets enough likes to have a place on WoF.


HaruTaka by Fuuchi

Aya Yuuhi’s personal favorite because it has her OTP– *kicked* Oh well, it was indeed a right moment for a ‘Special Feelings’ meme, and how Takane ran away from the interview is adorable. Artistic-wise, it’s really wonderful and neat, too!

Boys Love / Girls Love Category

Kagerou Project does indeed have fans that loves the non-straight pairings, which can we see from how much of this got on the entry! And unsurprisingly, ShinKono fanarts dominated this event. A lot of wonderful fanarts, that eventually we decided on four to be high-lighted.


ShinKono by Kirin

A really adorable art I must say, it came late but it has taken our heart and likes enough to make it here. Tsuntarou giving chocolate under the snow to Konoha is a nice idea, and it was really nicely done.


KidoMary by Eggplant

The coloring and overall idea is really adorable! This is the best on the GL category. Even I, who wasn’t a fan of KidoMary, now thinks they are cute. 😀


ShinKono by Amel

Well, all the best entries this event came from the ShinKono pairing. This one earned a lot of ‘likes’ and both of us REALLY liked it too. Konoha looks so adorable!


AyaTaka by Haru-Usagi

Well, it’s my non-straight OTP so— *kicked* Ahem! I mean, just look at how adorable is this AyaTaka chibi. It gained a lot of ‘likes’ too! Really a neat job.

‘Choco For You’ Category

A special category for your fanboy delusions— collection of pictures of girls giving chocolates! There’s a lot of cosplay entries for this event. This category has the most entries, but we decided on four entries and one extra that didn’t supposed to be there but good enough for it….!


Mii as Ayano

Who can refuse a nicely wrapped chocolate from such a cute Ayano? Well, not me. This lovely cosplay is really done well by Mii, despite that she mention that ‘the camera was a bit bad’, we think her adorableness can still be captured well!


AstridRK’s Ene

Ene looks really adorable in this drawing by AstridRK, and the concept was rather interesting that we decided to pick this one! Good job on the popping hand, now let’s debate whether this chocolate is for Ene’s ‘Impostor-san’ or ‘Master’— just joking 😛


Michelle Aoki as Momo

Ohoho, look, it’s the Valentine Birthday Girl, Momo! Michelle Aoki’s cosplay as her is really cute, and the concept of it is really good. Though I would advise not to delete picture too much….. they’re good already. 😛


HibiHiyo choco by Nana7ko Morin

Well, well, this is rather an interesting entry. Should be on another category but it’s okay— it’s really adorable to see Hibiya’s reaction 😀 Nana7ko Morin’s tiny edit on this is really a great addition, too.



The last one is even more out of the rules, but it is one of the best entries last month. Let’s go to this third category’s Special Mention!


Taka as Konoha(s)

Taka’s cosplay as Konoha and Kuroha. Rules did say that male characters are banned from this category but seeing how well done their cosplay is, it deserves a special mention. How Konoha was munching on the chocolate himself is cute too!

That’s all for this event….A lot of wonderful events. They will be put on Children Signal’s Wall of Fame hopefully this weekend!

Missed this event? The current event, Seiyuu Joke Party, is still ongoing— you should check it linked on our group‘s Pinned Alert! We hope to see more wonderful entries on this event, too!


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