Slice of MekakuExcitement

The rise of the Mekakucity Actors has been confirmed, and a certain fan-girl now types from her dark space of existence….

….That kind of chuunibyou opening should be fine for an alternative my blogging style, okay?! Don’t complain!

With the release of a hit-and-run-victim shota’s CM, 12th of April is announced as the release date! Which means second week of Spring, and I’m not sure if I could hold my excitement for the sake of exams if the first week of April didn’t have an official trailer ^^;

Alongside that announcement, official arts has been popping here and there on the internet…. which I was late for  since they popped out while I was in a family day out, orz

Can’t get my eyes off the adorable OTP of a super pretty cyber girl and her amnesiac cyborg-y ‘Nisemono-san’, that I flashed right into Tumblr when I arrived home…. after seeing them in the Tumblr app on my Android Smartphone I previously (and ironically) named ‘Konoha-kun’ wwww

Guess KanoKido is the most popular pairing and characters of KagePro yet, since two— no, even three anime-version official arts popped out along with their appearances in the CMs…. Well since Hibiya’s just came out…. Maybe soon we’ll be getting Hibiya and Momo together on official arts….

Personally want more Ene, KonoEne or KonoEneShin, but maybe I have to wait…. ^^;


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