More details on MikuExpo….!

Looks like some details of the upcoming event of the most famous Vocaloid character in Indonesia, MikuExpo, is finally out….!

Well for now, I’m still looking for buddies to come with me, since the parental block will not allow me to attend the concert if I didn’t have friends to go with, maybe I will only hang around exhibition in that case. @_@

*Ahem* As for my overview of the details that were posted on the official Facebook and site….

Well, there’s four kind of tickets for the concert, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze (don’t mind the typo). Platinum and Gold got seats, while Silver and Bronze are standing. Do check the official site for details on them…. Including age restriction for the seats.

The exhibition will be free for charge! There will be exhibition of Miku stuffs and company booths. Probably don’t really care much unless there’s IA Project booth, but that’s not gonna happen. Anyways, the small meet-up of Mekakushi-ID on MikuExpo will probably be more focused on the Exhibition on the 29th. That if I did ends up going.

As for the Workshop and which VocaloP will be attending, there’s no details for now. Probably the latter one will be the determinant for myself for attending the concert or not, but let’s just see~ 😛


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