And MikuExpo is Sacrificed for the Kagerou Daze

Naah, not literally sacrificing it for Kagerou Daze though…. but I decided to not going to MikuExpo especially after AFAID’s dates are out….



Apparently, AFAID 2014 will be held on Jakarta Convention Center from 15th of August to 17th of August! (I can’t go to AFASG obviously so…. I’m just counting AFAID)

If you’re into Kagerou Project, you should have knew that 15th of August is an important date in that series (and in reality, it marks the Obon and end-of-war in Japan, it’ll be too offensive if you only think of it as KagePro so please keep in mind too!), and that makes me wonder if Mekakucity Actors will make its appearance on AFAID….But as far, there’s no announcement regarding anything else beside the date, but it’s giving me optimistic views!

Well, at the very least, this confirms that I need to arrange another Mekakushidan Indonesia meet up for AFAID on that date and print a banner when at it….. Please look forward for future arrangement on the twitter account!

17th of August is also Indonesia’s Independence Day….. Whoa, quite a date, there?


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