Majokko Elite, Will be Dere for You!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Haven’t really got time to post, so I’ve been procrastinating on updating, hehe.

Now, I decided to do a short introduction to a series created by Paru (HaloCapella) of the International Saimoe League community, Majokko Elite, as a ‘Spread the Majokko Dere Project’!


So, what is Majokko Elite? It is a magical girl themed webcomic with two chapters out, with printed edition sold on

Here’s an overview copy-pasted from the Author, Paru’s post in the ISML forum….

Majokko Elite are ten females who receive various abilities from powerful devices from outer space. Each of them are from different places from the whole world and all have different powers. They will soon encounter situations and issues spanning locally to worldwide. All of them are loosely based off existing members of the forum in ISML, and created regardless of the user’s real appearance.

As you can see, Majokko Elite characters are based loosely on ISML forums, not only the 10 main characters but also the side characters. Some are also based on anime characters, especially the ones loved by the ISML community and requested personally by the Majokkos! If you can guess which one is based on me…. well, I’ll upload the full table anyway.



As you can see, I’m there as Mayadere Aya 😛 Apparently I have an imouto named Irisa which I drawn once.

Majokko Elite is interesting in concept, and it really shown the solidarity of the ISML community, so what’s keeping you from reading it?


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