Mekakushidan Indonesia’s Seiyuu Relation Event’14 Highlight!

Sooo, since I decided I’ll choose it myself for this event, the announcement of the highlight have been late. Since I was busy with exams, that’s it… I held this Seiyuu Relation event to celebrate Mekakucity Actors and there’s a lot of good entries, really! Basically, in this event, artists are asked to illustrate a crossover drawing featuring a Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou Project character with another character with the same seiyuu (voice actor) as them…. It’s hard to decide, especially that unlike the previous Valentine Event, which is separated to 3 categories with each category having at least 3 highlights, this event have only 5 different arts with different characters + 1 Special Mention. I will be putting a little personal commentary, too! Well then, let’s get going~ If you like the arts, please click on the drawings to visit each artists’ sites!

(I’m using the Facebook first name or the submitted nickname, please message me on Twitter/FB if you guys didn’t want to be referred by those name— I’ll change it!)

1. CV: Hanazawa Kana = Mukaido Manaka (from Nagi no Asukara) and Kozakura Mary by eggplant


I was in a dilemma since the ones involving Mary all have amazing art, but for some reason, this one is really cute and soothing. It’s simple, yet you can feel their cuteness!

2. CV: Terashima Takuma = Kisaragi Shintarou and Shiroe (of Log Horizon) by Clou

Clou Kun 2

Personally been waiting this one since Shintarou’s seiyuu was announced, and it delivers! Both characters looks so cool in this art, and that’s why I’m picking this one….

3. CV: Miyano Mamoru = Okabe Rintarou (of Steins;Gate) and Konoha by Mel


Been waiting for this too— but what amazes me out of all Konoha seiyuu arts, that this have an adorable chibi style on it! Really cute!

4. CV: Togashi Misuzu = Amamiya Hibiya and Tobiichi Origami (from Date a Live) by Michelle Aoki


This is really adorable…. though I couldn’t really like Date a Live, I really like how Michelle Aoki draws both of them like this. Do your best, Hibiya!

5. CV: Nakahara Mai = Tateyama Ayano and Hakurei Reimu (of Touhou) by Piru

Piru Piruze

Really the best art-wise of all the entries!~ I was in a dilemma since all the arts involving Ayano are beautiful but this one are the cutest.

Wait, there’s one more—- in which I want to picked out as the 5th, but I can’t let the 5th one out, so~

Special Mention: CV: Nakahara Mai & Hoshi Souichirou = Ayano and Seto with Rena and Keiichi (of Higurashi) by Mii

Merah Biroe

It may be done traditionally, but it’s really nice. The effort put on this looks nice too so I can’t help but to give this a special mention!

All of these arts will soon be featured on the Mekakushidan Indonesia Wall of Fame!


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