Why You Should Read Nerusona

The Drama Club of Nerusona by Chacha

The Drama Club of Nerusona by Chacha. Used with permission.

Lately, my obsession (aside from idol animes, magical girls animes also KagePro) has been the series of Neru’s songs image characters. Despite being a small fandom without actual canon, the ‘Neru-ke’ have a really nice set of fans I befriended.

One of the most stand-outed fanworks of Neru-ke that I’ve been invested in lately is Nerusona, and I have to say, it’s the English fanwork 0f Neru-ke you just have to read, even if you don’t know anything about it.

What is Nerusona?

It is basically a Persona (mostly from what I’ve seen, it’s based on Persona 3 though there’s some Persona 4) ‘AU’ of the Neru song image characters, with the title being a pun of Neru and Persona (Perusona). It’s written by Sil, tumblr user shounenbrave.

The story takes Tanaka, the male character from Saikyouiku (Re-Education) as its protagonist, as he investigates the mystery of Distortion that exists within his school, along with other Persona users he befriended— notably Yamaguchi (which is his sister in this fanfic) and Raku.

Why should I read it?

It’s the most well-written English fanfiction of the Neru universe that gives the characters a single world to live in, mixed with the Persona universe— while still being faithful to the songs’ lyrics and ‘characters’ that Neru, the original composer, gave.

Heck, there’s some of lyrics from the songs being put in the fanfic, notably while a shadow appears. The fanfic frequently updates and it’ll be more fun to read it sooner before getting spoiled. I’d say this fanfic is a great way to get into Neru-ke fandom, especially if you liked Persona series.

Even more, the author, Sil, have confirmed that every character from Neru’s songs will make their appearance.

But I don’t know anything about Neru-ke!

Worry not– since this is an ‘AU’ fanfic, there’s no need to personally know the character. The original characters have no actual characterization too, so…..As long as you look at this page and remember how each characters looked like, you’re good to go.

Maybe a little knowledge for the Persona series would help too, but I’d say they’re not much needed. If you were a Persona fan, you could enjoy this more since it’s like a Persona fanseries on it’s own. It’s a great way to start getting into Neru-ke fandom, really, since Nerusona fandom is almost like it’s own fandom!

Which character had made their appearance so far? Can you give me an overview without much spoiling them?

You can see the list here, but I can explain to you an overview of their characters.

First, we have Tanaka, our protagonist and his sister Yamaguchi, from the song Re-Education. They were somehow mutated and born with dog ears and tails. Tanaka acts as the leader of the group— a very great one. They’re members of Drama Club along with some other Persona users.

Then there’s Raku from the song Abstract Nonsense, the first one the duo rescued. Teddy from Tokyo Teddy Bear, who’s close with Raku. Idola from Idola no Circus, Teddy’s half- sister who has a secret which is poked fun of in chapter 15.

There’s Roku-sensei from Goodbye Rock N’ Roll, the teacher in charge of drama club, Leo from Shounen Shoujo Chameleon Symptom, Shido and Ruki from Shosei Gekijou, the other members of the club who are yet to have Personas, and some other.

So, where do I start reading it?

You could always check this page for links to the chapter on Tumblr.

If you didn’t like reading on Tumblr much (especially because it’s harder to read), you could try reading it on Fanfiction.net and Wattpad.

Have fun! It’s a really great fanfic that I personally think everyone should read, so you should give it a try!


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