Admiral Yuuhi’s Kancolle Journal, Circa 24 February 2015

You know, it’s been quite a while since I last updated! Truth is, I don’t know what to put on this blog because of my attenton span, and end up being active on sites like Tumblr or Twitter where blogging are just simpler. I’ve been busy with KAORI Newsline too, so there’s that… *ahem* Anyways, I decided to write something about my Kancolle journey so far, inspired by some posts I saw on FB…. Yeah, for record purpose!

Admiral Yuuhi (ユウヒ)’s Kancolle Journal

Circa 24 February 2015

56feab0c8f4d0221d5b6704d6de82decEnlisted Since | June 2014

Server/HQ Level | Brunei Anchorage / 84

Starter Ship | Inazuma

Ship-Waifu | Hyuuga

Extra Ship-Waifu Wishlist | Kagerou, Kongou, Ise, Fusou

Last Main Map Cleared | 5-2

Kai Ni Ships


Listed by time:

  1. Kongou
  2. Naka
  3. Furutaka
  4. Kitakami
  5. Ooi
  6. Sendai
  7. Jun’you
  8. Kirishima
  9. Haguro

10 Kai Nis Currently In Target (Sorted by Priority)

  1. Ro-500 (U-511)
  2. Yuudachi
  3. Shigure
  4. Hiei
  5. Haruna
  6. Hiryuu
  7. Souryuu
  8. Hatsushimo
  9. Ashigara
  10. Verniy / Hibiki

Non-Kai Ni Leveling Target List

  1. Akashi
  2. Makigumo
  3. Ooyodo
  4. Aoba
  5. Kaga
  6. Zuikaku

Event Only Maps Cleared:

  • Summer Event 2014, E-1
  • Fall Event 2014, E-1 and E-2
  • Winter Event 2015, E-1 (medium), E-2 (medium), E-3 (easy), E-4 (easy)

Frequently used Favorite Fleet Names:

  • オーバークロック
  • 命のJustitia
  • オツキミレシタル
  • savers

Top 5 Wish List

  • I-401
  • I-8
  • Akitsumaru
  • Z1 (will have to wait until I got Yuu into Ro-chan so)
  • Musashi



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