[Short Doujinshi Review] Sugar Block – Zuikaku x Kaga, Kantai Collection


What kind of thing do people usually expect from a fan-made, fanfiction comic or also known as a doujinshi? Especially the pairing ones. Is it the OTP or a hilarious gag people usually won’t see on the real canon? Well, if it’s both of that example, this doujinshi delivers it somehow nicely.

This doujinshi is titled Sugar Block, and it’s by Drie of the Yuri Nakama circle. It was first sold in the event Road to Cocoonfest 2016, and is one of my main reason to go to that event. This doujinshi of the ship moefication series Kantai Collection is fully in English despite being sold mainly on Indonesian events.

The plot goes simple. Zuikaku felt weak and can’t protect Shoukaku, then she want to train with Kaga. But it seems like a talk with the admiral made Zuikaku misunderstood something like ‘kissing is the answer for her to get along with Kaga’.

Well it goes simple, but the charming point of Drie’s doujinshis is always the same: the hilarious gag. On the previous ZuiKaga doujinshi he made, Because I want Kaga-san’s Attention, there was more gags than yuri, and this doujinshi tried to make up to the yuri, though with a forced plot. Well, the yuri meter weren’t that high, still. At the end it was used for another gag.

The best part about the plot was that this doujinshi actually made a gag out of its plot hole. There’s so much breaking the fourth wall gags as compared to Drie’s previous ZuiKaga doujinshi, and well, it doesn’t get old easily as all of the fourth wall jokes were pulled in different ways. There’s also a lot of references from different series, and I guess masked Akashi is a recurring theme on Drie’s doujinshi now.

Art-wise, it’s fair enough, but I still can spot some grammatical mistakes on the grammatical side of things, but I have no right to comment about it just yet… Definitely a great buy, though not exactly my MvP of the event, which was the first edition of Shonen Fight— that I might review sooner or later.


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