The Naive Return

How long had I abandoned this blog? Okay, maybe not really abandoning, because I still does post some new pages here and there, like my OC page. As you can see, I’m not a very consistent blogger, and I often got overwhelmed by other kind of social medias. Like Twitter or Tumblr (my Tumblr is practically reblogs, though). Or even Facebook. (But it’s not like my page is kind of active too, oops).

Thing is, there’s one thing that made me avoid writing blog, aside from my inconsistency.

11. 夕景昨日.avi_snapshot_01.18_[2014.05.16_07.29.22]

What the hell should I even blog about?

I don’t know. Anime? Well, I’m freelancing at KAORINusantara right now, so if I ever got anything to write about anime, I put it there. Life? Is my life even that interesting? I’m just a weeaboo who have this ojousama-like characteristic. No, not the riches, which I wished can have, but the whole ‘I don’t know anything of the outside world’ things, due to my parents babying me since childhood. Kawaii fashion? That is my aspiration but really, can I even do that? I can’t spent so much on fashion without a job….

Well, but I still want to blog. Then I decided to make this post. And decide by a small flashback, somehow.

I made this blog out of impulsive thought. I thought I can go through with it somehow, moving from my old blog. And then I realized, my history of blogging have come through a long way. From my old one on blogger, than now demolished one on AOIndonesia, and then the one on blogger which contains so much of my shame (Though not as bad as AOI and other blogger one, thankfully those ones’ a goodbye now).

By then, I realized; I blog about things I like. That’s why this is ‘a tale of a little fangirl’. I’m a fan, of lots of things. Whether it’ll be Idolm@ster (though I’m still bitter about not getting to play any of its games that’s not a mobile game due to a lot of reason), or on the past when I’m such a big fan of Jin who creates Kagerou Project (I am still one, it’s just that I have hard time enjoying KagePro with the story being dragged for too long and Idol animes coming through my attention, lol).

I blog about things I love. And that is fine. More than fine, even.

So that’s why, I might be able to continue blogging. Still a might, new semester’s starting, I still don’t know if I can keep going or not. But at least, I decided a new theme for a change, and a new add on to the title.


I have always been a naive girl, I thought everything would go my way, or everyone is a kind person. Like how I was naive and thought this blog would be popular in short time, but no, it’s not, at least not as much as my previous one– but then I realized that’s probably because I haven’t get any effort on this one.


I do have a lazy aura, right? Probably.

 But maybe, me being naive is fine too for now. I need to improve myself, slowly but sure, and I can do that while writing out my feelings like this.

And that’s why I decided to change some things around here, and how I decided to get back on writing blog.

Maybe I’ll write again tomorrow, maybe I’ll write again in a week or a month. And I hope that I can share my love for things I love, by then.


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