The Board

To liven up my room, I like to put some posters of my favorite characters or shows. But there was a time when my mom didn’t want  me to put posters in my room. As a replacement, she bought me a board where I can put my posters.


Fast forward until now, I have too many posters that won’t fit the board so I end up putting them outside the board too. 😛  This board is where I put my schedule, a shrine to my OTP, HaruTaka of Kagerou Project, and where I hang my keychain and some of my badge collection.


For obvious reason I can’t show the schedule, so let’s skip through to the HaruTaka section! As people who knows me online probably known, I really adore the pairing Haruka x Takane from Kagerou Project. I dedicate myself for it, including buying lots of doujinshis about them from Toranoana (like this one) since we certainly have lack of them on my country.  Then I decided to put a section on my board dedicated to HaruTaka., with all merches and prints, official or not, that I could have of them there!


Near the board, there’s also a HaruTaka poster, which just makes these half of the board even more relevant. It’s my tiny HaruTaka wall I’m proud about 😀 I really want to talk more about HaruTaka, but let’s get back to the topic.


This board have lots of keychains and badges. At first, I have my keychains, official or not, on one box. But I felt like it’s a bit too lonely for them to be shoved aside, since I don’t want to lose them if I put them on my bag, So I decided to put them in the board, too!

While the badges have pretty much similar story, I don’t have every badges I own there. I only put my favorites on the board, and have the others on a box, since I still wear them sometimes to events.


A lot of the official keychains I owned are gifts from my friends. Whether it’s from a mail or given directly, I really want to cherish them, but I can’t put it since it’s too precious to be lost on streets. This is where this board gets really handy. I can display them without getting afraid they’ll be lost!


4 thoughts on “The Board

    • Aya Yuuhi says:

      Thank you very much Sorry that I just replied to it now. Been losing motivation on blogging, but I’m back and hopefully I’ll write more after my exams passed!

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