[Pripara OCs] Sweetie*TriSound

Ok, so decided to post in blog again with OCs seeing my friends post their OC profiles in their blog, lol. This time it’s Pripara OCs.

Actually, 2 of them might have already recognized as my Digimon OCs, but they’re in Pripara for this (I like to think of different AUs for them so this is one of those AUs of them!). This page will be updated with new arts and concepts for them!

ama taka newoc


Amane– Real Name: Amagi Amane – Type: Lovely – Preferred Brand: Twinkle Ribbon, initially in Sherbet Idol Coord

Amane is a 13 years old, cheerful, cute things loving girl who lives separated with her twin sister Takane after their parents had a divorce. They both received their pritickets when their parents are separated.

This Amane also studies at an all-girls junior high school, have a very strong physical strength, and also a horde of fangirls who were saved by her and refers to her as a knight.

She really loves Takane despite how they’re separated now and can only meet in Pripara due to their parents resenting each other.  Amane decided to pull Takane (and later Kotone) into performing with her, despite how Takane enjoyed being on Pripara only for watching and running away from her mother’s lesson at first.

Kotone – Real Name: Takanashi Melody – Type: Pop – Preferred Brand: Candy Alamode More, initially in Maid Soda Coord [new OC]

Melody is a 12 years old half-American and quarter-Japanese with dark hime-cut hair and dark skin, who lives in Japan with her grandpa and grandma due to their parent’s work all around the world. Raised by her grandpa resulted in her personality resembling of a yamato nadeshiko trope, despite her dark skin that might be uncommon among Japanese.

She at first used the nickname Kotone online to blog, and when she received her pritickets, she decided to use it as her alias in Pripara. In Pripara, she took a more happy-go-lucky persona compared to her yamato nadeshiko personality in real life, something she always wanted to try.

Melody/Kotone is actually a junior of Amane’s school and one of the fangirls of Amane, but Amane doesn’t realize as she have a blonde hair and happier personality in Pripara compared to her in school. Takane, however, realized this fact, but kept it as a secret for Kotone until Amane found out for herself.

She have an obsession with cleaning. She hates to see a complete dirty mess.

Takane – Real name:  Akagi Takane – Type: Cool – Preferred Brand: Holic Trick Classic, initially in Mysterious Potion Coord.

Takane is a lazy but genius 13 years old. She lives separated with her twin sister Amane after their parents had a divorce. Since she now belongs to another school, and her mother who took her tend to be mad when she saw her father, Takane and Amane now can only meet in Pripara.

Despite her genius brain, she loves lazing around, like sleeping and playing mobile games. For her, going to Pripara is just a way to run away from her strict mother who wants her to study all the time, as she can’t chase her there. But then Amane and Kotone pulled her into performing as Sweetie*TriSound.

She really cares about her two other teammates though, and always watched them in secret for things to go well. She is observant and quick to notice a strange behavior from others. It seems like she wanted to be a psychologist.

Sweetie*TriSound // Imagined songtitles

  • Sweetie Tune!
  • Clashing*Sound

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