Layla Appreciation Post! [With Profile Translations and Opinions]

To celebrate my precious idol daughter Layla‘s R appearance on Deresute aka The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage, I decided to write out whatever info I could find on her in English, with wishes that people would love her more!

Before we start, I should note that I haven’t got Layla in Deresute, since I was on Deresute hiatus and even if I was not, my phone is broken right now… But I wish it’ll be fixed and running when I decided to roll for Layla, and this post is practically my wish of her R coming to my office….


Thanks, transparent-imas on Tumblr!

In the initial game Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls (not Deresute, the original mobage), Layla is a N-card cool type idol that could be obtained (met) by working on Nagasaki prefecture, which was unlocked since 11 September 2013. She is 16 years old, born in the 21st of May (Gemini), right handed, have O-type blood, 150 cm tall and weighs 40kg. Her hobby is speaking with random people on public parks. She also really likes ice cream and often get excited when the producer (the player) gives her ice cream as an extra reward.


Screenshot taken from 346 Production fanpage in FB.

In Deresute, her initial card are now ranked R and have a ‘perfect score up’ skill. Her card is added in Deresute since 22 January 2016. She is yet to be voiced. She appears only as a cameo in the anime, from behind and only at one shot.


Translation taken from Danbooru.

One of the most unique things about Layla is that; compared to other idols from outside Japan, she speaks in a very eccentric manner— or even could be said as broken Japanese.

She called herself with ‘Watakushi‘ and ‘Layla-san‘ (which can be considered as rude in Japanese), calls the producer with -dono suffix, and will always ends her sentence with ~masu and ~masudesu no matter how broken it would sound. With that reason, in some English translations like in Danbooru, her speech is often translated to a broken English.


One of Layla’s Rs in CG mobage/deremas, a Christmas-themed one.

Not only that, Layla also didn’t know much about Japanese customs. When others are messing around, she would actually think that it was common in Japan. Like when Natalia and Feifei are playing around with mochi she thought it is a special training, and when other girls such as Haruna are talking about Santa, she thought there’s a lot of Santa Clauses in Japan.


She came from Dubai to Japan because of ‘a reason’, and a lot of her in-game dialogues hints her background story. It was heavily implied that she used to be really rich and lived in a huge house, but now when she lived on Japan she have to struggle to pay her rent.

She first met the producer by asking around for any part time jobs so that she could pay her rent, and so she got scouted by the Producer.


From Deresute, she was rumored to came to Japan with a maid.


At first, her dialogues said that she would be troubled if she got famous and then found by her father, but after awakening, her dialogues said that even that her mother have supported her (idol jobs) now, all her father talks about was about ‘marriage’. This might be hints of her background story.

As pictured, one of the rumors of hers unlocked in Deresute said that she came to Japan with a maid that used to work at her home. One of her most recent Cinderella Theater comic also said that she used to go to parties back in her home country, though it was later put aside for gag.


And now, time for opinion and my own story behind my love for Layla! Of course, the one below are just my opinion, it’s up to you to read or not~

At first, when I was playing Cinderella Girls mobage, I don’t get anything about it and just clicked as it goes. Layla becomes one of my mains that time, and at first, to be honest, I don’t like her at all just because I didn’t recognize her compared to other Im@s CG idols.

But then, her eccentric looks with dark skin and blonde hair, her weird speech patterns, and her cute but mysterious personality draws me in. I end up buying some of her SR in the market out of impulse and I fell in love— though she’s more like a lovable daughter like character to me than a waifu material. (BTW, I realized I had a daughter type when I took a liking to Ro-chan from Kancolle, too. 😛 I wish there’s more fanarts of them.)

To put it short, I think Layla is an unique and lovable idol character. She’s a lot like my im@s main cast favorite, Takane of 765pro– mysteriously cool, but silly in some aspect.

As for now, she’s my top favorite unvoiced CG idol, and I wish more people will love her!

(Profile and information translated from here and also referenced from here.)


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