HaruTaka Winter

Hello, hello! It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog, and this time; I should write about something called ‘HaruTaka Winter’ which I should have been posting here since long time ago.

Basically, it’s a fan event of KagePro held on Tumblr where HaruTaka fans could gather together making HaruTaka fanworks according to the themes all throughout the 8 weeks of Winter!

Of course, I contributed with fanfictions! However, I was busy during that week and couldn’t write according to the last theme— Valentine’s Day. I did wrote a revenge fic, though it wasn’t according to that theme.

I will link to the ones I did below! They are all also on my Dreamwidth.

And since I didn’t write for Valentine’s Day, I wrote this fic as a revenge. It’s more to HibiHiyo than HaruTaka, but I’m quite satisfied of it. You can always check out their tumblr blog for more fanworks for other works than mine!


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