Thank You, Aikatsu.

Aikatsu! have ended, soon to be continued as a brand new series named Aikatsu Stars.

As I finished my dinner of salmon steak while watching the final episode, I still never thought a day when I had to say goodbye to Akari and Ichigo will come this soon. However, this made me realized how much I’m thankful of Aikatsu’s existence. I’m going to write down each one of what I’m thankful of, on this post.

Thank you Aikatsu, for introducing me to the wonder of anime idols.

It was a simple day of hanging out with friends, when I spotted that an Aikatsu arcade machine was on test. I never thought playing with it would change my life forever. I end up continuing on the Aikatsu anime I dropped because I wasn’t that interested in idols especially for kids, but the game ends up being too much fun that I realized, that Aikatsu was really fun.

Ever since I got to watch Aikatsu, I started on Love Live, Idolm@ster and such, and got interested in 2D idols. Which led me to meet a lot of new friends, a new adventure, a new interest and spark in life that once KagePro gave me until the fandom died down.

Thank you Aikatsu, for letting me meet a lot of new friends.

Aikatsu was also the reason I got into idols– which gave me lots and lots of new friends.

From Mino to Eri, there are lots of friends I met or get closer with in Aikatsu fandom, or just idol fandoms in general. I can’t name every each of them, but they’re all great. I’m glad I met them. If Aikatsu didn’t exist, maybe we will stay as strangers forever.

Thank you Aikatsu, for reviving my interest in fashion, letting me to find an interest beside Japanese language, and expanding my world.

During my hardcore edgy weeaboo time, I lost my interest in ‘fashion’ because I was embarrassed at such girly interests. I thought I would be just laughed at during meet ups if I told people I were interested in fashion.

That, until I met Aikatsu that day. I realized how much I still loved coordinating clothes, how much I loved girly fashion. Ever since I got into Aikatsu, I end up wanting to learn more and more about fashion— wanting to dress up. The song Pretty Pretty from Aikatsu later becomes my ‘theme’.

You might think this is silly but it did expand my world. I still haven’t decided what to do in the future, if I graduated from Japanese Literature; but at least I know I want to learn fashion and design now. It was thanks to Aikatsu.

Thank you Aikatsu, for giving me a new spark in life, for giving me happiness.

There was a lot of time when I was at my lowest. Depressed, anxious, anything. However, I kept on trying on life just because of a silly reason; I want to watch the next episode of Aikatsu.

It might sounds silly, but whenever I watch the newest episode, I end up smiling, being happy, and motivated. Especially after the existence of Akari Oozora— which ends up being my favorite, because she worked harder than anyone, making me want to work harder too! Every time I watched Akari being happy, I felt at ease— she always gave me happy feelings when she’s happy.

And a lot more to be thankful of.

In short; Aikatsu have given me a spark in life. A new road to go. It had been a long journey, and I’m glad it ends in a good note.

[Ohys-Raws] Aikatsu! - 178 END (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_21.52_[2016.03.31_20.24.56]

To be honest, I’m not sure if Aikatsu Stars will give me the same feelings, the one that made me cry as I wrote this because I end up reminding myself of how much I loved Aikatsu that had ended. That’s why I’m writing this.

However, I sure hope Aikatsu Stars will charm me. I may not meet animated Akari ever again, but at the very least, her motivation and achievement have given me enough strength to move forward.


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