Deresute SSR Sign Generator (feat Pripara OCs!)

I just found out that there’s a very interesting generator in the Japanese net world; an SSR sign generator of Deresute! It’s fanmade, obviously, and I couldn’t resist making some few signs, including ones of my OCs.

All you need is use your mouse or plug in your tablet, and just sign around the screen! There’s a few buttons for effect, like choosing your sign’s attribute, selecting a pen and such. I still need to tweak with it a little more to understand more of the button.

So, what did I made with this?


First off the bat, is ‘what if  the waifuofmylaifu Takane Enomoto is a deremas idol under the name Ene and have SSR?‘ I made her a Cool idol here though she suits the Cute attribute well too… Hmm.

Anyways, since the first thing that came into my mind about my OCs’ sign with this generator are my Pripara OCs, I’m going to make some signs for them! I might add these to their post later on or might just make a page of them.


Amane Amagi is a cute type idol (well, Lovely in Pripara world) and I wanted her sign to have hearts, stars and ribbons.


Takane Akagi is a cool type idol, and she’s too lazy to write down the kanji of her last name. She was actually going to stop at the katakana of her name.


Aaand Kotone aka Melody Takanashi is a Passion, of course. Since she have this ‘birdy’ theme, I give her a wing in her sign, and a dot.


Talking about it, maybe it’s time for me to make pages of Sweetie*TriSound instead of just a blog post…. I might make more for my other OCs, btw~



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