A Raccoon-ey Wishlist

Followers of my Twitter might have realized my recent obsession with a certain space raccoon— Rocket Raccoon. And how I get into Marvel with falling in love with him. As it was with my obsessions, naturally, I was looking around for his merchandises— I even bought a set of LINE sticker of raccoon that resembles him.

I’ve been in look for his merchandises (or just GotG merches) for a while, though unfortunately due to my limited budget, I can’t buy any of them yet. But at least I could list them all, in case my parents would buy me them for my birthday in 2 months…?

First off; when I rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy and fell in love with him for seriously this time, I end up wanting a plushie of him to cuddle. He’d be a great bed companion aside from Baymax, Haruka and Takane!


I haven’t even got to buy a Zootopia plushies (which I wanted badly but I can’t decide to get Nick or Judy or both), but let’s just wish that the second movie of GotG will brought them to local stores. I don’t really care what plushie as long as it’s Rocket, actually, but there’s specifically a plushie I want, though.


A Tsum Tsum of Rocket. I’ve been playing Marvel Tsum Tsum lately when I’m bored and I got no Rocket but a Groot, but I don’t really care much, because to be honest, all I wanted is a Rocket tsum in real life. Unfortunately I didn’t really had chance to get one.

None of them ships to Indonesia, not even in any proxy shops had him left, and it’s way too expensive. My only chance getting this is probably waiting for second GotG movie to boost it back to popularity and getting it on local shop. Hell, I’d take even a bootleg. Maybe one original and four bootlegs so I could have a team of 5 with Rocket.


*ahem*Tsum Tsum aren’t really good to cuddle to sleep though, so I think a normal Rocket plushie would be better to cuddle on. Unfortunately, can’t find them for cheap either.


When I was googling around for Rocket merches, I found this backpack and fell in love. It’s exclusive and expensive as hell, but I’d love to get one of these given the chances. I’d even brought it to campus for the heck out of it. Just look at him! Why wouldn’t anyone want this!

This is supposed to be a bigger post with more stuffs on this wishlist, but hear me out…. I kept on lying on myself when I said I’m going to stop collecting figure, and kept on buying them. Or at least I kept on saying I’d collect only nendoroids and…. Deadpool nendoroid have been on my wishlist for a while (because switching him with Pripara nendos would be amazingly fun), but then a realization hits me.

Deadpool nendoroid was announced on the Wonfes soon after his movie.

What if they announced Rocket’s nendoroid in the next Wonfes after GotG 2? He’s quite popular in Japan if I wasn’t wrong.

Either way, I had to wait for GotG vol 2 to be sure before buying any of these…


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