Yuri Festival 2016

I am supposed to post this at least a month ago, oops. But well…

It was just me logging in Skype as usual, when my group notifies me of a Yuri Festival.

Similar to HaruTaka Winter, which I posted before, it’s a Tumblr fandom event with some themes to work on every time. But this one only lasted for a week, there’s whole lots of themes to choose everyday, and instead of just a pairing, it involves anything as long as it’s GL.

Since I heard about it all of sudden, I had no time to prepare anything for it… So I decided myself to do short drabbles, each of different pairings every day. Here are the list of the drabbles I done for the Yuri Festival week, and a Dreamwidth link:

  1. With You. (Piggyback ride theme, pairing is Cagliostro/Djeeta of Granblue Fantasy)
  2. My Lovely Girlfriend is the Cutest (Clothes swap theme, pairing is Kido/Momo of Kagerou Project)
  3. Lullaby. (Music and comfort theme, pairing is Hibiki/Fuwari of Pripara)
  4. For Our Beating Hearts (Picture and make out theme, pairing is Takane/Fem!Haruka of Kagerou Project)
  5. Sweet Candy Kiss (Sweet tooth and fever theme, pairing is Madoka/Rin of Aikatsu)
  6. A Magic Spell (Video game theme, pairing is Nao/Karen of Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls)
  7. Hand to Hand (holding hands theme, pairing is Kana/Shiho of Idolm@ster Million Live)

There are lots of people who done more awesome things than my drabbles on this event; do check their works out on the Yuri Festival tumblr!


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