A (Date) Day in #ComicFestID and Beyond

Me and my boyfriend who goes under the name Cybeast had been planning to go on a date on this exact date— and then we realized it was also during Comic Fest ID. We decided to go there for a change 😛


Unfortunately I had a massive headache that I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience and didn’t really documented any of them during the event aside from loots, but I managed to take some pictures of the cosplayers there I found interesting. From MCU’s Falcon to Kancolle’s Akatsuki and Hibiki, they’re really adorable! Wished I took more pictures. Wonder if any of these cosplayers read my blog….

Knowing that I have recently fallen into a new hell called Marvel, and the release of Civil War made such fan-merchandises grow in instant pace, I was tempted here and there. There was even one or three keychains I’m interested in but I had decided that I won’t get more keychains for now… ^^;


Instead I got a Rocket Raccoon poster illustrated by one of Marvel’s official artist, it was worth it despite it’s expensive price and the fact that I couldn’t took the artists’ sign…. Probably won’t hang him until I got a suitable frame for him, at his price he deserved a frame, ahaha… There are some other stuffs I get….


A Baymax bag since I needed one for shopping,


A Cagliostro poster, not put on top of my Idol crossover poster….


And also welcoming Rocket Raccoon and Ro-500 as the newest Desktop Buddies aside from Sophie! I’ve been wanting the kuji strap of Ro-500 for a while, and happened to pull her on kuji~ Luck is on my side, teehee. The Rocket is what I got from my boyfriend though, he seemed to find it somewhere and bought it for me ^^


Due to my headache we decided to retreat sooner to a McD near my home sweet home, and eat some chickens for dinner. Since I brought Dorothy with me for a photoshoot that didn’t happen in SMESCO, figured out I should do some mini-photoshoots with her in McD with some yummy fried chickens as background!

Oh, also don’t forget Ant-Man’s there too! Thanks, Dorothy!


He’s chilling out with the chicken like he’s hungry, don’t worry.



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