A Pretty Remake For a Box

I’ve been wanting to do a little bit modification to a box I got from my boyfriend for a while. So, I decide to do what Harune Aira from Pretty Rhythm  called as a Pretty Remake!

…Though it’s not clothes like what Aira modified, though, but ssh, let’s just got into it.


This box looks so much boring despite it being a ‘stage’ for the nendoroid forms of my favorite 3 Pripara character, right?


And it also stores some Japanese Pritickets and Aikatsu cards I got from giveaway and friends since I wanted a special place for it. So, I guess I should just modify it to suit the girly theme of Pripara and Aikatsu!


These are the stuffs I got to do this Pretty Remake. I bought the frill, Sakura themed origami paper and adhesive cover from Daisho!


First, I cut the adhesive paper and make it cover the front, back, and sides part of the box.


I also covered the bottom side just in case.


“Huh? What about the upper opening part?” Since it would be boring if it just had one motif, I decided to use the different motifs of the origami paper, and did cut and stick it like a scrapbook!


Ta-daah, done! It give a messy but cute sense, isn’t it?


Oops, I almost forgot I had these frills and ribbon! Let’s stick the frills first, shall we?



Aaaand after done with the frills, let’s get into the next one— the huge ribbon! Obviously, it would look beautiful in the front, right?


….And of course that’s where we stick this beautiful ribbon!


With how pretty it turned out to be with the Sakura flower motifs and frills and ribbon, it’s ready to store the Aikatsu and Pripara cards.


See, they suits well now as a storage for the Aikatsu and Pripara cards….


…It also ends up more suiting as a stage for Dorothy, Reona and Sophie!


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