A Mess of RNGames Diary

There’s a lot of things happening for me throughout the week— both fandom ways and irl stuffs, but I want to talk more about my fandom, especially RNGames! After all, this is a blog where I post things to make me happy!

First of all; I married Kagerou in Kancolle.

Looking back at it, she’s one of the Kanmusus I first fell in love with. I was just curious when I was looking at the name because… cough, I was into Kagerou Project. Then her appearance appears on screen and bam, she’s all my type! Cute girl with brown hair tied in twintails with ribbon and wearing a shorts under her skirt. Her personality is too….adorable, in my opinion.

Though I fell in love with other Kanmusus like Hyuuga and Kongou throughout the course, but I still remember how Kagerou was so important for me. That’s why I decided to marry her. She needed more appreciation in my opinion! She’s adorable! She needs a Kai Ni!


Aside from Kancolle, I’ve been trying out the DMM Strike Witches game’s pre registration gacha. Followers of my twitters might have seen me tweeting about it— sorry if I spammed, really. But this is a good remedy from holding myself rolling a LSC on Kancolle or gachaing on Deresute. Somehow…


I kept on trying for an S+Rare of my favorite Witch, but somehow, my 50 mark always gives me a Minna. I don’t like her that much so I end up keeping SRs of other witches. Well, I guess I settled down for Yoshika for now, since her SR is so cute. Just look at her red apron….


Top Tier Daughter Material

And this reminds me how much I’ve been into Gacha games lately. Especially Deresute and Granblue Fantasy, in which was kind enough to drop by some surprise tickets and had my most favorites, Cagliostro and Ranko’s SSRs, secured already. I don’t really care much anymore about gachas there thanks to that….. And I won a Takumin SR last event, though I’m still very salty about not getting her SSR, it’s a good enough remedy.

Talking about Deresute, I’m still doing the Im@s CG x KagePro AU! I uploaded it on my AO3. Check out the fanfic project page for more info about what’s to come.


“You haven’t even continued the event, Danchou-san! What about my Supreme Merit, huuuh?”

Ukh…. Pokemon Sun & Moon are coming up, it looks so adorable. But I haven’t finished Alpha Sapphire due to mobages! I need to finish that up before Sun and Moon released, so I could buy Sun or Moon without any chains. I guess I got whole of stuffs to do to wait to break fasting….


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