Holy Month Miracle of Mio-chan!

Today I was nervous as I waited for Cinderella Fest, the special gacha event where the SSR rate is doubled in Deresute. I done a 10 roll and wishing for a miracle… and it happened! I got SSR Mio that I wanted the most out of the New Gene SSRs! And she’s the limited one I prefer!

So I decided to share her screenshots below here, especially for a friend (@hoshinamino on twitter) who asked a lot of her screenshots!

I’m really glad I got her. She’s very beautiful! Mio is my favorite out of New Generations girls and I was wishing I could get her SSR yesterday, and it came true. I guess it’s truly a miracle of Ramadhan!

Anyways, since I don’t feel like ending the post there, I want to talk about how Mio is really… underappreciated.

In my humble opinion…. She’s a great character, even in the anime where she seemed to be a quitter (which makes people hates her and Passion idols:\). But she’s not. She’s a young girl who cared deeply about her friends, and she developed the most on the course of Cinderella Girls anime. She also are interesting and I would love to befriend someone as cheerful as her irl!

Tl;dr Mio is best New Generations girl and no one can convince me otherwise.


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