[Pripara OCs] Interview with Azure⭐and Amane🎵

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, aah! I’m still writing for KAORI, fyi, but even then there’s not much writings from me ;; Since, well, my recent obsession as you probably could’ve seen from my twitter are my Pripara OCs, I decided to do an interview-kind of post with these two to explore more to their characters.

As a short introduction for them, you can visit their twitter bots (Amane and Azure), or you can visit their other unit members’ information here on the google doc I made for them. Just treat this as some sort of fanfic, okay?

Okay then, Mega-nee,  I’ll leave it to you to interview them!

Good afternoon, miss Amane and miss Azure! Let’s do our best and put the rivalry of HEROINE+S and Tri*Sound aside, shall we?

Amane: Yep! I’ll do my best, so is Azure, right?

Azure: W—we’ll be in your care, Mega-nee.

How were you both chosen to be the representation of your unit in this occasion? Were you the proper leaders?

Amane: Mm, well, Taka-nee doesn’t want to because it’s tiring, and Kotone said I should do it because I’m the one leading Tri*Sound together…. So it’s kind of obvious that I’m the one going. And yeah, I’m the leader!

Azure: …Nobara wants to, but Erica voiced her opinion that Nobara probably would yell nonsense rivalry words once she’s with Takane and makes no progress to the interview. We seriously thought Takane was the one going, so… we decided it will be me.

Amane: Taka-nee is too lazy for things like this, you know?

Azure: R–really? Then next time, I should’ve let Nobara–

Amane: Hmm, but I feel like I could talk better with Azure this way, so I’m fine! Besides, Azure looks like she’s the proper leader of HEROINE+S! You do look like you’re the one leading everyone together.

Azure: ….Ah, t–thank you, but Nobara would be angry if she heard that— Ah, let’s just get going to the next question, shall we, Mega-nee?

Let’s do a simple question! What is your favorite color?

Azure: Sky blue.

Amane: Pastel pink and sky blue too— wait, is that’s why your name in Pripara is Azure?!

Azure: Not really, it came from my real name instead, but… well, that might be true to some point. *giggles*

What do you both usually do in a long vacation like a summer break? If you’re not satisfied with it, what would you rather do?

Amane: I enjoy going to Pripara more than usual when it’s vacation, or reading manga and playing games in arcade! But now that I consider it, I’d love to go traveling! It sounds really fun to go to places I’m not usually be. But my dad doesn’t really like the idea of travelling mostly because of how much it would costs, so maybe I should wait until I’m older and I can make my own money to travel.

Azure: Well, depends. On summer break, I usually go to the beach with my family. During spring break, we rarely go anywhere far aside from hanami, and in winter break… Usually it’s either we travels together somewhere or I stayed home with my brother when my parents go for a ‘second honeymoon’— for some reason, my mom really likes to go out with my dad with just the two of them during those times. I quite like the time I spent together with family, so I guess I’m fine for now, though sometimes I wish I got more free time to spend on reading novels.

Amane: Wow, that means you travel a lot with your family, Azure! That sounds fuuu~n!

Azure: Not really that much, but well… Maybe if there’s a chance, I want to invite my friends for a trip, too. That includes HEROINE+S and Tri*Sound. Something like, a camping trip for our unit?

Amane: Aaah, that might be really fun….!


What do you think about your unit’s rivalry? Are your units both friendly to each others?

Azure: Rivals are there to help each others to improve, and I think we’re doing fine with that… Nobara’s an another case since she likes to babble about our rivalry and seems to act weird around Takane, but I personally want to be better friends with Amane and the others.

Amane: I agree with Azure! I do want to be friends with you and everyone in HEROINE+S, Azure! Especially miss Hero since she’s so cool! *sparkly eyes*

Azure: Erica will really be thankful if you calls her cool. *smiles*

What do you think is your similarity and differences to each others?

Azure: Similarity, huh… I guess we’re pretty sporty to an extent?

Amane: Yeah! I’m surprised Azure is quite sporty! I thought she’s the kind that thinks sports are tiring like Taka-nee did, since you read a lots of book…

Azure: …I don’t think ‘bookworm’ equals ‘hating sports’… but I get your point, somehow.

Amane: I know, but…. Hmm, then, the differences, I think Azure’s very smart, to the point she’s in student council, and I’m… ahaha, let’s not just talk about it…

How would you describe each others from your point of view?

Amane: As Azumane-senpai the student council member, and also as an idol Azure, she’s really a cool girl! She’s pretty cute appearance-wise, and smart too! And she’s surprisingly strong, too… I’m still surprised she could catch a ball I kicked well, despite that even the soccer club said that ‘Amane’s banned because the ball she kicked will throw people flying.’ *serious face* Also, she sings well, and—

Azure: Stooop, you’re praising me too much, Amane… *blushes as she scratches the back of her head* Amane is a very nice junior of mine. She helps out a lot of students in our school when we, the student council, couldn’t. I think her insane strength and her positiveness as an idol makes her unique as an idol, too.

If you were to team up as a duo with someone from your rival unit, who will you choose to be your partner?

Azure: Amane.

Amane: Azure.

*both exactly at a same time*

Azure: E–eh?! T–thank you… I guess?

Amane: I guess it’s settled then! We should be a duo unit, yay!

Azure: It’s a bit too sudden if now! But I would love to sing on the same stage as Amane as partners someday, too….

My, that sounds amazing if you both will! Anyways, let’s move on to the next question. What is your ideal kind of a romantic partner?

Amane: Eeh? T–that’s a bit too fast for me! B–but I’d like someone that’s kind to me, I guess…? Someone that will stay with me for the longest time? I guess I haven’t really think of it much *giggles*

Azure: U–uh…. Um… S–Someone creative, kind of cool at times, with a kind hearted side that they kind of show for me….? I guess… *blushes*

Amane: Somehow, Azure felt like she’s describing someone— Maybe someone I know?

Azure: ?!?! No, I’m not, you’re just imagining!

Amane: Ah, it’s just my feeling, then, sorry! *laughs*

What is your opinion in your units’ members? What do you think are their strong point?

Amane: I really love them! Taka-nee is my twin sister and we have been close during our childhood— well, we’re close again now, I guess, despite how we lives separately! Taka-nee is too lazy to train, but she’s amazing on stage, she’s giving me the chills! Kotone is my most important friend. She’s really kind to me, and I’m glad she’s always been on my side. I think Kotone’s strong point is her character in Pripara— it’s very different than how she usually act,so it’s amazing!

Azure: We might not have the best start— I was pulled into Pripara by Nobara and Erica without any consent at first– but I’m always thankful we meet each others. Nobara and Erica are my important friends and the best partners I could ask for. Nobara’s very good at acting, and I think she could be a great actress. She makes the best Making Drama, too… and Erica, she might act childish and selfish sometimes, but she’s always so kind and want to help everyone as a ‘hero’. She’s also good at coordinating our clothes….

Well, we have heard quite of the hints before— like how miss Amane and her unit member Takane are twins, then how close miss Azure is with her family. ‘Tell us a little about your family or home life?’ will be our last question for now!.

Azure: I live with my father and mother, both are working, but my dad is less busier than my mom now so he’s still at home a lot. I do have an older brother who is kind of protective, but right now he lives outside our town for his high school, and lives with my dad’s relatives……

Amane: I only live with my dad after my mom and dad divorced. Taka-nee is with my mom now so I rarely met her outside Pripara since we lives separately… I’m close with my dad, though! He’s a little bit too free spirited sometimes, but everyday at home is fun with him!

Okay then! Thank you very much to you both! Anything you want to say to your fans, or at least anyone who sees your interview?

Amane: Waaah, thank you for seeing this out, hehe! We at Tri*Sound will do our best! Please keep on supporting us~

Azure: Thank you very much, everyone- Us HEROINE+S won’t lose either, we’ll do our better!


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