My Not-So-Small Obsession of Asahi

Followers of my Twitter might have noticed my obsession towards a certain Ace from the flocks of crows; Karasuno High’s Boys Volleyball Club, or for short, Azumane Asahi from Haikyuu. He’s my favorite character ever in Haikyuu, and…


Well, it might….


be a little too much…..


of an obsession.

But oh well. On one hand, I’m really glad that Asahi is an unpopular character, that he doesn’t have too much expensive merchandise, on the other hands, it might end up making me trying to collect every single cute small merches of him I could find. You know what they said, sedikit sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit? Ha.


One of the best examples? Rubber straps. They’re essentially useless for me aside from hanging them on my board. Except for this one above I put with my tab, but….


before I knew it….


I have three of them. Oh, also that one big sticker I essentially don’t have the heart to rip open and put somewhere, because it’s like 45k rupiahs? Yeah. Just now, a friend of mine have been tempting me to buy the Asahi in the Rubber Strap for New Years’ Haikyuu Ichiban Kuji.

It’s horrible that I’m tempted because it cost quite a lot for a rubber strap. I plan to order Frame Arms Girl or something else, don’t tempt me, you wobbly seductive Ace!

Anyways, moving on. Oh boy, before I started on Haikyuu, I thought I won’t really get attached to anyone, since I’m not much one who likes male characters, maybe Yacchan would be the one I’m attached with….. But I end up being attached with all of Karasuno, almost everyone on Nekoma and Shiratorizawa, and quite a few on Aoba Johsai… gosh. I thought I won’t be one to buy Haikyuu merchandises before I got into it, damn it.

But especially Asahi, and my obsession didn’t end there. I’ve been dying to get the only scaled figure of him, searching through almost every offline and online shop I could, and one day, I got lucky. On a Secret Santa in Himeuta forums for Christmas, I got him, by putting the note that I’m obsessed with him currently!


His bara arms is something to die for, I swear. I love the detail they got for his arms even in a prize figure.


Aaanyways, funny thing is that I got the wrong item first— Daichi. After I consulted my Secret Santa about it, Amazon sends me Asahi right after that. So right now I got Asahi and Daichi…. and I’m somehow wanting Suga and Kiyoko so I could complete the quartet. But nooo, maybe not yet.


Talking about it… If you think that’s all the Asahis I got since I posted Daichi already, ding dong, you’re wrong.


…It’s only Yamamoto because it’s February already, I probably just would cheat the calendar and put Asahi back in since I rarely look at the calendar anyways. Anyways, these two tiny Asahi is adorable, isn’t it? I got the first one from a friend, and the right one… I got lucky at a clearance sale. I’m glad. And the calendar is a fanmade one!


It would be fine if my obsession just spread through official merches, but of course, no! One example; See this Asahi keychain in a glass ball here? Now I made my reputation in one certain circle I visited as ‘the one who screamed about Asahi’. Good job, myself.


And it would be nice if my obsession didn’t spread to the book media, but aside from collecting the official Haikyuu Indonesian release I re-read often…..


I bought this official fanbook on AFA last year just because of this one article about him. Damn. It.


….And I almost regretted finding out a heaven called HQ+Kareshi, a doujinshi about Haikyuu characters being your boyfriend ala Love Plus, because now I want to collect them all… I really want all the ones with Asahi on it, really. Have any recs of the best Asahi stories in HQ+Kareshi? Please tell me in the comments or twitter… I’m dying to see more.

I still plan to collect more Asahi. I’m dying for a nendoroid of him, and since they did announce Daichi’s nendoroid recently, I…. could feel Asahi’s coming next. My wallet would probably die when Asahi is announced, please pray for my wallet’s safety….


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