Spoiling Self in Valentine’s Day

I sure am heck one of the Riajuu bunch in this year’s Valentine’s, since I have a boyfriend. But he’s been busy with his job, and I just got my income from Comifuro 7, so I decided to spoil myself a little for this day…. by ordering some… stuff.

Lately, I made myself a Tokopedia account. It’s an Indonesian online shop I’d want to try for a while… and while browsing around, I found a merchandise of Akari that got me tempted.


I decided my self-spoiling gift for today would be this pillow of Akari. It looks cute, and it’s from Ichiban Kuji and there’s like only 1 of this on the shop I ordered it, so it’ll be hard to get her. The heart shape also fits the theme, I guess? ^^; It’s so cute…!

But unfortunately for the poor wallet of mine, it’s not only that. My boyfriend has been tempting me to get a Frame Arms Girl so that we could assemble them together. Even though I wanted Materia White Ver at first…. I fell in love with Innocentia.


That grin of hers really gets me somehow…. She’s for release on March, so I’m just preordering now. >_< I picked her because she reminds me of my long lasting wifey. Since I owned a sewing machine now, I plan to make her a Headphone Actor jacket/clothing when she’s assembled so she could cover up and not make my cousin thinks I’m a perv… sooner or later. To be honest, I wanted a Frame Arms Girl just because I could get them some clothes and they’re cheaper than BJDs, and also compatible with weapons. 

Though, I gotta say I don’t have the courage to customize her to Takane by painting her hair black and stuffs like that…. I like Innocentia as herself, just want her to cosplay as Takane, haha.

So yeah, what are you guys’ planning to do on Valentine’s Day 2017? Spoiling yourself, being ronery and stuffs like that with dakimakura, cursing the riajuus, or on a date? 😀 Have fun with today!


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