A New Page in My Writing Life

Something my Twitter follower might already know, but I quit my job at KAORI for some reason. Being with KAORI Newsline was a fun thing to experience, though. I don’t intend to abandon writing articles altogether; instead, I will focus them on this blog! I want to make this blog more active, hopefully.

I want to make this blog more active from now on….

….that being said, I decided to be more active in interacting with this blog readers. Feel free to like my facebook page for this blog; it’s on the sidebar. Anyways, also follow me on my Twitter since I spent a lot of time there if I’m not in the mood for writing ^^;

Since I’m still not very sure about the direction this blog is going aside from ‘posting things that are fun to me’; feel free to comment on this post what you want me to post more, too! Figure photos? Fashion coordinations? Anime reviews? Con reports? Or other fun things?

I’m also looking for affiliation links to other blogs; if you happen to have a pop culture blog and are interested in affiliating, contact me on my Twitter, email me on mbakYuuhi@gmail.com or on the comment of this post. I’ll have a look!

Lastly, since I was out of town to Cirebon with Yuno and Erio by my side last time; I took some pics of them. Enjoy this tiny gallery with them as a bonus!


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