Me and the Short Dreamland of 100 Princes

When asked about animes I’m excited about, I answered quite a few adaptations of franchises I’m interested in; take example Granblue Fantasy, and then Frame Arms Girl. But for some weird reason, I kept on forgetting about Yume100 anime adaptations… despite how I was really into this. That’s why I’m going to write about Yume100 now!

Yume100 is one of the mobages I frequently play, though lately not as much as Deresute and the likes. If I were to describe it shortly; it’s a game where Pokopang meets Otome Game with princes… I did a review over KAORI back then but it was in Indonesian. I’m not much of an Otome gamer and a Yumejoshi (ships characters with self) until I touched this game, really. This game does change my life, wow.

Anyways, what I heard from Yume100 anime is that we’ll be getting two; a complete adaptation for TV series; presumably from the game’s main story and will be there on 2018, and the other one being ‘Short‘ for this year, and as the title suggest, is short series about the princes. Just now, they uploaded a trailer for Short. Anyways, the trailer also said the anime might be able to be watched from the application game; which is a cute thing to do, tbh.

From the trailer so far, we’ll be getting appearances from Edmond, Haldeen, Joshua and… my personal favorite out of the 4 and the reason why I started playing the game; Peko! Peko is adorable and I’m so glad he’s on the first episode.

Ahh, anyways….



At least I had Event version of Peko!


A personal story about Yume100 and me; I was dumb and accidentally deleted my save code when I uninstalled it from my phone, but with a friend’s help I was able to get it back! Now I can be lovey dovey with Hikage again~ The Yume100 staffs are so kind and patient that I really want to kakin for this game someday. (Though not soon, waiting for a surprise ticket or something to pick Peko on)

I’m still pissed about the gacha that won’t give me 5-star Peko….Peko was the reason I started on this game; I immediately go like ‘I want to adopt that son’. Yeah, sort of. But the reason why I stick around Yume100 despite not getting Peko on gacha was…



“Well, if you don’t mind me seeing you that way…. I don’t mind either”



I’m sure my Twitter followers and close friends have already known my obsession for Hau from Pokemon, but my adoration for tanned and long haired boys actually might had started from him and Mutsunokami from Tourabu. Hikage is one of my earliest gacha princes and I’m sure glad I got him. Maybe someday I’ll write about Hikage more, but for now, I want to focus on talking about Yume100, including my other fave…..


….Greysia, who is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa— same VA as Asahi, yep. That’s the first reason why I adore him aside from him popping out so easily in Drop Quest, but later on, he grew on me. His story and tsundere-ish personality is real adorable and the fact that he’s at least younger by a year than the protagonist made it really cute for some reason.

Anyways, back to Yume100 Short animes. Of course I want Greysia and Hikage to appear and have their own episodes, and I’m quite positive at least for Hikage. Why? There’s one silhouette that resembles Ouka in the official site, and Ouka is Hikage’s best friend, and they can’t leave him out! And I’m sure Greysia would appear, he’s quite of a popular character, even one of the first to receive a drama CD with his brothers….



This was my team for a while. My bias is showing—


Lastly, to be honest, I’m not as much of a story reader in mobages. I skip stories on Granblue, I skip stories on Yume100 too. Problem is… Yume100’s princes can’t be awakened without finishing their stories and you’d need guide for it to be correctly through your favorite kind of Prince— moon or sun, so they’re mostly stuck in their unawakened form unless I really like him or I had free time ^^;

Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about the anime; there’s a lot of things I haven’t really known about some of the characters thanks to skipping around. I really wish the anime will make me understand more about those princes!


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