Onto the New Age of Aikatsu Stars!

Some new brands have recently been leaked for the next Aikatsu Stars season, and I will be voicing my opinions on it!

Obviously, there’s going to be some spoilers for Aikatsu Stars if leaks weren’t your thing and some speculations too.


Before we delve further; let’s review what we might know already about what’s coming in Aikatsu Stars before this leak:

  • Yume’s new hairstyle. (Also, her 1st-year hairstyle is available for player characters!)
  • This new season is called ‘Hoshi no Tsubasa Series
  • There will be a new school in a ferry boat; Venus Ark.
  • In there, there are 2 new idols; Elsa Forte the headmistress, a ‘perfect idol’ and Hanazono Kirara, a ‘fluffy idol’

Aaand then! There are those leaks! Two new brands are revealed….


Berry Parfait, a Cute type brand with Nijino Yume as the muse! I’m interested to see what might come of this brand they described as ‘Just like a sweet and sour berry, fitting for a fresh girl full of cheerfulness, with lots of ribbon and frills‘.

From what we knew, My Little Heart was a lot like Dreamy Crown; it was the elegant type of cute, fitting for the elegant Hime. I’m sure that Yume needed a more suited brand with the more cheery and childish cute image, and it’s here. I like the punny name and I’m so excited to see what kind of clothes it might give us.


The other one is FuwaFuwa Dream with the new idol Hanazono Kirara as the muse! ‘Full of things you love, with a taste of pop! Designs full of fluffy and gentle dreams is its focus

If you’re into Pripara too, by now you might have known that Idol Time Pripara have the theme ‘YumeKawa’… short for Yume Kawaii I believe.

I felt like this brand will be a direct confrontation to Pripara’s own Fantasy Time and the idol Yumekawa Yui… anyways, Idol Time Pripara will start this year too. TBH as a fan, I’m quite excited about YumeKawa kind of clothing, so I’m personally glad there’ll be these kinds of brands in both Pripara and Aikatsu.

Personally, I’m excited to see Ayano, my child who is currently in custody of Mino, wear those 2 brands~ I’m sure those kinds of clothes would fit her!

Onto to another kind of speculation, for exact this season’s finale; with Yume having her own brand, will she be the next S4? To be honest, I find Yuzu in the most recent episode talking about Rola suspicious as if they hint Rola will move over to Wind Dance Class…. If that happens, and she’ll be the S4 of that while Yume is the S4 Flower Song Class…. Then the next S4 is pretty much fixed? Or not?

Well, I don’t really know. They might pull a surprise on us. I personally miss Koharu though, I wish she’ll return someday….


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