[Review!] Haikyuu!! TV Anime Team Book 1: Karasuno

Well, I’ve been into Kinokuniya a lot and see this book, but not until a week ago I decided to pick it up; this tiny book about the Karasuno team members of Haikyuu.

This book is quite old actually because this book was published even before Season 2, which explains why Kinokuniya have a little stock of them. To be honest, I thought this was going to be one of those purchases I regret— but apparently, it’s not!

For short, this small book mostly covers information of Karasuno’s team members in the anime. Aside from profile, there are some pages dedicated to the ‘bond’ between members, and cast questionnaire result, even. Let’s take a look~


It has a pinup in which its front have the same illustration Kageyama and Hinata from the cover, while the back of that pinup has this chibi squad. I believe these are some merchandise design in itself…. Because I think I have that Asahi as rubber strap.


Obviously, this book has character profiles. Aside from the general information like in any Haikyuu fan-book, there’s also highlighted lines of the characters in the anime and some screenshot of their notable scenes.


Anyways, I talked about how this book covers ‘Bond’ between members, right? Well, they basically highlight a lot of canon relationship (not in the way Fujoshi think, of course! It’s more to the platonic!)– aside from the obvious one Kageyama and Hinata, there are per-years like between 1st years, between Suga-Asahi-Noya, and which surprised me was this page with Suga-Kageyama and Asahi-Hinata rivalry.

It’s interesting! They even have another character commenting on their relationships. Like in Asahi-Hinata page, they have Kageyama commenting on their ‘Ace’ based rivalry…. but then, the highlight of this book for me aren’t these parts, but….


The Questionnaire section from the seiyuus of the Crows.  I find this page one of the funniest. It’s ‘Who among Karasuno have a chance to win Kiyoko’s heart?’

Anyways, there are 3 votes for ‘No one’ (lol ) which ends up being 1st place. But then, there’s 3 for Sugawara, 3 for Tanaka. Then, in the next place, there’s 2 votes for Nishinoya, Takeda-sensei (wtf?!), and Hino-san (Daichi’s seiyuu Hino Satoshi who loves Kiyoko so much that he voted for himself and Murase (Hinata’s VA) voted him for lolz), 1 vote for Daichi and Ennoshita.


There’s a section where the seiyuus were asked to create their dream team, but tbh, they were joking around with it. Murase made an ‘Ossans’ team with every old man character including Asahi. Ishikawa made a dream team with all setters and Hinata, made the theme ‘Hinataaa….. isn’t Setters….interesting….?’ (Creepy font and all). Damn it, Kageyama!

Nothing can beat what Irino (Suga) and Hino (Daichi) did though.


…They literally just made harem with their own characters and all other female characters. The only difference is that Hino called his ‘A More Mature Harem’ just because his have Ono-sensei on it and not Natsu. Damn it.


I also find it funny that Uchiyama Kouki (Tsukki’s VA) is the only one who thought his team seriously— he put all the strongest ones in one team. Very Tsukki-like, I love it ^^;

There’s also other questions that the seiyuus answered, like ‘What merchandises do you want from Haikyuu?’ but I’d leave it to you guys who read this post to find your own copy and read from there! It’s worth it if you can read Japanese since it’s not very expensive and funny 😛


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