Sol Qamar (Short) Appreciation Post

I tend to update this blog whimsically, and right now I’m going to do it! Was getting ideas to post about how Idolmaster series affect me since it’s the series’ 12th birthday, but…

…then I saw this one certain post on a matome blog about the Idolm@ster Cinderella Girl unit Sol Qamar and I just had to do a short English introduction to them too, inspired by that post!

‘Why’, you ask? Because I love them! Especially Layla! And they deserve so much!

Anyways, Sol Qamar is a unit in Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Mobage, consisting of Layla and Natalia, the two idols from outside Japan— Layla’s from Dubai and Natalia’s from Rio de Janeiro.

Their theme is ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ as the name suggest, with Sol representing Natalia meaning ‘Sun’ in her home language (Portuguese) and Qamar representing Layla means ‘Moon’, too in her home language (Arabic). This unit is first introduced with a temporary name on an event years before but they received their official name in January this year.

Why do I stan them and why should you? I’m biased but;


They are cute

and have a very cute dynamic.

Once again, I might be biased right here because I love Layla and Natalia as independent idols too, but whatever.

Their dynamic is very important and adorable– they’re not only paired because of their skin color but their dynamics too.

Natalia came to Japan to be an idol, while Layla… she ran away from home and need a good paying job ASAP. Natalia is very cheerful and has an interesting glamourous gravure kind of style, while Layla is very cool but sweet inside, having a cool, simple style with rock-and-roll sometimes.

Their contrast made it a very cute dynamic– despite looking similar at times (especially they have some certain food obsession— Natalia loves Sushi and Layla loves ice cream) they are different. And that’s what makes them an interesting unit.

Well, personally, I like ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ as a theme and it really suits them perfectly. Guess my favorite Pokemon game— wait, we’re getting OOT here.

Just look at them, they’re adorable. Just look at them.


And most importantly; they got an official pair R card just recently!


They look so fancy in the fantasy themed outfit right here. Moreover, this should be their official unit outfit since the title ‘Sol’ and ‘Qamar’ are in their names.

I can’t really trans-literate their unit outfits right now but I did find out that Natalia’s card name means ‘Strong Sun’ and Layla’s ‘Quiet Moon’ which explains their dynamic perfectly.

Anyways, I really wish they would receive voices and a unit song someday! I can wish ;_; At least please give Natalia her SSR! Come on Bamco, she ranked so well in the latest election…!


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