My Little Talk about Pretty Rhythm (Mostly About Its Protagonists)

They announced Pretty All Friends recently, and I’m so hyped. Whether it’ll be a crossover movie or another reboot based on Pretty Rhythm, I wished for the best outcome with this.

Since I love Pretty Rhythm and Pripara, and how meaningful it is that at least Rainbow Live is that one kid show you should watch once in your life.

I decided to talk a little about Pretty Rhythm series in this post revolving around the protagonists, and how I relate and adore them, in according to which I watched first.

Manaka Lala & Pripara

[naisho] PriPara - 01 [9F28481B].mkv_snapshot_12.24_[2014.08.25_20.11.38].jpg

I’m one of those fans who came to PR series by Pripara. A friend has been posting about Pripara a lot, then I decided to give it a try since it’s supposed to be another kids idol anime like Aikatsu— and back then, I loved Aikatsu.

Pripara is good on itself. I’m jokingly calling it ‘Idol Shitposting: The Animation’ among friends due to its way of delivering gags, but Pripara has their moment where it’s heartwarming and/or delivering motivation to your heart.

The story of Hibiki and Fuwari was one people praised the most, at least among my friend circle, and I love them so much even as a couple, too. Yet, if I was to pick something more relatable to my own story— it’s probably Lala.

Lala started out as a girl who, in my eyes, just prefers to follow the crowd and play safe. She can’t even sing out loud because she thinks her voice is loud and it disturbs people. This two aspects of Lala’s starting resonates dearly with me and my own story.

I do have a loud voice like Lala is— coupled with my social anxiety, I tend to not speak up much unless I’m with friends I’m comfortable with. Seeing Lala’s development have sparked up my own development, since, at the end, Lala learned that her voice has its own significance.

Lala also learned how important it was to step out of her comfort zone, something I’ve been aiming to be. She even led characters like Sophie to find their own happiness.

Most people would claim that Lala is a ‘boring’ protagonist. Yet, I find her endearing because of what she is; she’s simply a typical protagonist perfect for Pripara itself.

Harune Aira & Aurora Dream

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - 10 [H264 1024x576] [0A5EEEA1].mkv_snapshot_10.17_[2015.12.09_09.09.14].jpg

Aira was the reason I started Aurora Dream. If it wasn’t for her, I won’t even give it try. I adore Asumi Kana’s voice and knowing she voiced her made me watch this series.

Aurora Dream is a very niche series in itself. Many people wouldn’t stick with it due to its old style animation and ‘live action segments’ which is just a beauty show for kids. But it’s actually good and has a solid story. It’s also very strong on its fashion theme— something I find latter PR shows failed to get through with.

Aira herself is a very characteristically Shoujo typical protagonist. A clumsy girl with talent and interest in fashion, suddenly become a Prism Star. Yet, it makes her wonderful in herself. She’s adorable that way. I like everything about her and I can’t quite explain— I love her sense of fashion, her VA, her relatable-ness…..

It is worth to mention that Aira got through a lot during the course of Aurora Dream, and later even on Dear My Future, without spoiling. Her development to me was quite interesting— whether it’s the child Aira or the young adult Aira— they have their own charm.

Ageha Mia & Dear My Future


Dear My Future always gets the end of the stick with PR series due to it being a direct sequel, so it’s not newbie-friendly. But I personally think it’s worth it. It’s taking a step more edge after Aurora Dream, and having an intense story. Despite its plot holes, I think it’s pretty enjoyable on itself.

Now then. Mia is the most unique personality-wise out of the Protagonists of Pretty Rhythm. Claiming she’s number one, being straightforward with her feelings, and such. Many people find her annoying, but I personally find this an interesting aspect of her.

What I like of Mia was that despite all of those flaws she has and how she might come off as self-centered; she’s very observant of others. She understands where Hye In didn’t trust herself with (I personally resonate so badly with Hye In, but I’d talk it later), sees positive sides of the other Prizmmy members, and she always looks forward to the best. I’m a bit disappointed that they dumbed down these aspects of Mia on her appearance in Idol Time Pripara…. but that’s another story.

That episode where Hye In wasn’t confident with herself but Mia calls her out to see her good side made me feel like I need a Mia on my life, someday. Lol.

Ayase Naru & Rainbow Live


Rainbow Live is the series one best started with if you’re getting into PR; it’s the strongest one of the series despite being its current final one, and it’s beautifully animated. It deals with some themes not usually in kids anime, and it did so mostly good. KinPri is a direct sequel to this, but that’s another story.

I personally do recommend Rainbow Live even if you’re not into PR. It’s a must-watch anime for all. The story is very strong and its characters are wonderfully written— I find a liking to how Bell’s gang characters were developing.

Anyway, Naru has similar personality with Aira– clumsy one. She’s always positive and always sees things positively, or more exact, naively. Yet, what’s interesting was how she learned the world wasn’t as naive as she could be.

Her development was coming up strong in the whole Rainbow Live. At first, Naru just does things for fun, but as time goes on she learned that she could be so much more than just that. She viewed the world through her glasses of happiness only at first, but by knowing Bell and other characters, she grew up, yet still maintains her positivity.

At first glance, Naru might seem like a weak excuse of a protagonist, but at the end; she developed so much and ties everyone together. She’s wonderful, too.

Yumekawa Yui & Idol Time Pripara

[Leopard-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 33 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_22.19_[2017.11.17_15.51.53].jpg

ITP haven’t even finished so I can’t comment too much on it. To be honest, I expect nothing much from ITP when it first started and they announced DanPri and such— but I do like Yui. Mostly because of my personal aesthetic.

Yui is a lot like Naru in my eyes— innocent dreamer, so I wish development would be strong to her too. There’s no way to tell right now, though, and most of the time Yui was just naive…. yet she’s a necessary gear for ITP right now. In short; I feel like she could be so much more.

Anyways. I did say I didn’t expect much from ITP, but as time goes by I find it growing more enjoyable! It’s still Pripara at heart and it’s very important.

And back to Yui; One main aspect I like of her was her bickering with her brother I find realistically sibling-like. I love the idea of having a rival boy idol character being her older brother….. Siblings in Pripara are portrayed really adorable, and I love it.

pretty fgo.jpg

That’s all I’d talk for now! I really love PR series and I wish people would pay more attention to it.

As a side note; can Type-Moon and DW hire Date Arisa (Yui) and Katou Emiri (Naru) on FGO already so I could have a party full of PR Protagonists…..? I guess not, but I’m looking forward to that day where we can have a Pretty Rhythm Protagonist team there, since FGO seems to be the only game where I can do, lol.


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