What to Expect Coming on NIRVANA?

For those following my blog for a while should know that I am, even now, is still a huge fan who supports Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), despite how I’m not much into Kagerou Project anymore. To me, Jin’s songs and works resonate well with myself, and I’m very glad that Jin now has another series than KagePro itself; NIRVANA.

However, they just announced recently that the serialization on the Comic Gene ended with this month’s issue while addressing that it’s not the end; NIRVANA is still continued.

This post is meant to speculate what’s coming up on NIRVANA based on my own thoughts and wishes.

NIRVANA(日本語Ver.) _ Lia.mp4_snapshot_00.25_[2017.07.14_17.14.16].jpg

NIRVANA isn’t the name of a band in this context; it’s a project worked on by Jin, the author of KagePro, and Sayuki, the mangaka of Mikagura School Suite and Double Gauge, as the unit ZOWLS. Jin had made one theme song of this series too; you can hear it sang by Lia in Japanese here, and in English here! The manga is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in the West. I still am wishing for an Indonesian version… but I bought all 3 available volumes in Japanese when I was in Japan!

To put it simply; this story is about a girl named Hitotose Yachiyo who loves to volunteers, dies in a plane crash and reincarnated to another world where she’s actually the reincarnation of a Goddess of Savior there, Sakuya. Now Yachiyo had to fight for the better of this world with the power called NIRVANA, that dwells on the clock her mother gave her for her birthday.

NIRVANA(日本語Ver.) _ Lia.mp4_snapshot_01.52_[2017.07.14_17.22.51].jpg

Anyway, back to the topic! According to the description on MV upload I linked above, NIRVANA would be more than just a manga. And since Comic Gene’s serialization ended quite early, there are 2 speculations I have in mind on what’s coming on NIRVANA in general; which is, either a move to other magazine or a continuation on another media altogether!

I’m believing in the latter. While the former seems likely if it’s another series, it’s stated that NIRVANA would be a multimedia project, and they didn’t specify on what kind of continuation.

Now, what kind of media will they continue NIRVANA to, if it’s that case?

And now that brings us to these voiced trailers for NIRVANA manga.


If my ears aren’t failing me, I’m hearing voices from some big names seiyuus on those trailers; or at least, someone familiar-sounding. Tenka sounds like Hosoyan for me at least, and according to my boyfriend who’s a huge Yuuki Aoi fan, Yachiyo might be voiced by her. It’s very strange if they weren’t planning on anything voiced yet hiring such seiyuus for the trailer.

So yeah, you get where I’m going from; they probably are doing an anime sooner or later! Which makes sense to me for them to hire seiyuus. If not, a drama CD, an album with seiyuus singing the songs of the character, or even a mobile game, is plausible too.

Though I personally won’t take a new mobile game except that would make NIRVANA would collab with Granblue Fantasy.

So yeah, according to my feelings, wishes, and guts; they’ll do this as anime sooner or later, but what do others think I wonder? There’s also a talk about Jin making another manga, could it be NIRVANA-related? I personally am looking forward to a hypothetical NIRVANA anime more than Mekakucity Reload at this rate~


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