Looking Back to My Personal 2 Years of Skyfaring

It has been 2 years since I played Granblue Fantasy, though I considered myself as a ‘noob’ until now.

To be honest, I never have been that serious about it until recently. My current weapon pool isn’t that good either. However, Granblue is the first game I played that had me own SSR characters until 2 full pages thanks to their generosity, and I do enjoy it a lot with its story, anime, and characters that I do want to spend more time on it, though maybe not too intense.

So, I think I gotta write about it once in a while.



One of my earlier screenshot, hey there!


Tempted by the Cinderella Girls collaboration, I stepped into this game and fandom 2 years ago. I think it was during the time of Sachiko and Airi being implemented… It turned out to be more fun than I thought, and an English version was coming up by that time, so I got tempted to do more.


Since they have a ‘surprise ticket’ thing, I got interested in spending my money on it for the first time! Back then I was very torn between Cagliostro, Charlotta, and Cerberus but I eventually decided on Cagliostro because I was still salty not getting Nero on FGO and they share the same VA, haha. But sooner or later, I fell in love with her even more. I might write about why I love her in a separate post someday…


…And now Cagliostro’s level 100 already. Man, it’s such a tough long way to 5* her, haha.



Old screencap. Eventually they decided on Lilele for her romanization… Riruru’s cuter, but Lilele is better than Lillian I guess.



Looking back to it, I only ever surptick’d out of love. My second surptick was Lilele (a gift from parents), and my third was Korwa (with my Eid money), and I love them as characters. I never surptick for the sake of my team strength, which is why I’m very repulsed by Granblue fans who hated people doing the thing I’m doing. I think everyone has their own reasons to play it and their own pace.


To Granblue players especially newbies; just pick who you love when it comes to surptick. Love is all you need to play these games, anyway! If your fave is limited; well, good luck with sparking!




I quite had fun using the Dancer job out of all jobs (for now)


Okay then, let’s end this post for now! Freeroll has just ended today, so how’s it going on everyone’s end? I got quite a lot, even Ulamnuran who’s one of my top SR wishlists for a while, even.

I guess I’m going to end this post with my current Granblue Fantasy gacha wishlist for the rest of the post, in wishing that someday they’ll come home to my Grancypher…

  • Vane (SSR) << Planning to ticket him someday, after Dark Cag
  • Dark Cagliostro (SSR) << Planning to ticket her someday
  • Mirin (SR)
  • Summer Zooey (SSR)
  • Yggdrasil (SSR)
  • Scathacha (SSR)
  • Orchid (SSR)
  • Summer Diantha (SSR)
  • Sara (SSR)
  • Mahira (SSR)
  • Vajra (SSR)
  • Veight (SSR)
  • Halloween Cagliostro (SSR)

As for the Eternals I really want to aim to first, it’s probably Tien for I am interested in her, her skillset, and the fact that she’s voiced by the same person as Makoto from P5!


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