Hello! I am Aya Yuuhi and this is my blog, where I post things I like to make me happy.

meet the artist.png

I’m just a (fan)girl who adores cute things.

As you can see, I like anime, manga, and sometimes games, though I’m a casual gamer more than any other kind of gamers. I also greatly enjoy Kawaii-styled fashion and collects a lot of cute stuff. I like to draw, too, though I won’t consider my art as something good or spectacular.

I also have Twitter. I would post more often there so see you there.

I’m also a part of a doujin circle called ‘Mondai*Nothing!‘ with Fue, Mii, Haru and sometimes others too. Our debut was in Comifuro 6, and hopefully, we’ll be in more events later on. Yes, Admiral Yuuhi is my OC!

Banner Credits (aside from the ones I draw):


Commissioned to Haru Daisy / Spring. Hyuuga and Admiral OC


Commissioned to Atelier-Rozen. My OC, Minori Kokonomiya / Stellar Ribbon.

 amane banner 2 copy

Commissioned to  茶々(@yourstalka). My OC, Amane Amagi.

takane banner 2 copy

Art trade with Aozora (@LaurantNyamo). My OC, Takane Akagi.

banner amataka by dinda

Commissioned to Himecchi (@creepy_himecchi), my twins OC, Amane and Takane.

banner mas kei

Commissioned to @karlsteinns at Twitter, my OC, Kei


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