Looking Back to My Personal 2 Years of Skyfaring

It has been 2 years since I played Granblue Fantasy, though I considered myself as a ‘noob’ until now.

To be honest, I never have been that serious about it until recently. My current weapon pool isn’t that good either. However, Granblue is the first game I played that had me own SSR characters until 2 full pages thanks to their generosity, and I do enjoy it a lot with its story, anime, and characters that I do want to spend more time on it, though maybe not too intense.

So, I think I gotta write about it once in a while.

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With my Own Pace

Well, not a very interesting post since I’m posting this for myself, but… Juggling between mobile games, doing creative fanworks, and college, there’s something important I have just come to notice recently.

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What to Expect Coming on NIRVANA?

For those following my blog for a while should know that I am, even now, is still a huge fan who supports Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), despite how I’m not much into Kagerou Project anymore. To me, Jin’s songs and works resonate well with myself, and I’m very glad that Jin now has another series than KagePro itself; NIRVANA.

However, they just announced recently that the serialization on the Comic Gene ended with this month’s issue while addressing that it’s not the end; NIRVANA is still continued.

This post is meant to speculate what’s coming up on NIRVANA based on my own thoughts and wishes.

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Cutest Itabag in the Sky Realm

You see, there’s a huge problem in having too many favorite characters. You’d need more money to get merches of all of your faves. That trouble has led me to not being able to decide on which character to make an Itabag of— a concept I’ve been interested in for a while since I like collecting wearable merchandise.

I did think of doing one with Gudako from FGO, but her merch was tough to find and I can’t find any bags I’d do her itabag on yet. Then, the Granblue anniversary made me decidedon my first itabag’s featured character after a few consideration; Cagliostro from Granblue Fantasy, and yesterday, her base arrived!

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My Little Talk about Pretty Rhythm (Mostly About Its Protagonists)

They announced Pretty All Friends recently, and I’m so hyped. Whether it’ll be a crossover movie or another reboot based on Pretty Rhythm, I wished for the best outcome with this.

Since I love Pretty Rhythm and Pripara, and how meaningful it is that at least Rainbow Live is that one kid show you should watch once in your life.

I decided to talk a little about Pretty Rhythm series in this post revolving around the protagonists, and how I relate and adore them, in according to which I watched first.

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A Fanfiction to Remember — Shinjuku Phantom Incident: Final Impression (Obviously with spoilers)

To be honest, I’m not a very good reader in FGO, and I tend to skip stories every single time and only relies on summaries.

However, there is something charming about Shinjuku Phantom Incident that led me to read through all of it— well, aside from getting Holmes in gacha, falling for him and wanting to read the story where he’s the most prominent.

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[Fate/Grand Order] Lose Your Way by Round Table Translation

So, I’ve been really busy with Fate/GO lately and I’m doing the Shinjuku chapter of Epic of Remnant right now– since it has quite lots of my biases (coughHolmesandthatArchercough) it’s quite fun!

On a fling, and to fill out this blog since it’s lacking update lately, I decided to translate the theme song, ‘Lose Your Way’ that’s on the PV. I love it, and I think it’s very suiting to the classy theme of the Shinjuku chapter— especially on Archer of Shinjuku and his role in this chapter. Well, saying how it connects to him and his true name would be a spoiler!

Anyways, I do plan to translate/transliterate Seirennaru Heretics (Salem chapter theme song) sooner or later since it’s currently very hyped, haha…

Kanji lyrics I’m using for this translation are from here. Thanks!

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No Matter What, Humans will Always Desire More!

Juggling between Comifuro 9 preparation (which went out quite well, I’m glad!), mobile games, drawing, classes, social media, a 1-week family trip to Tokyo and Osaka, and sometimes my deteriorating mental health, I haven’t really got any time and mood required by my own standard to write a blog post, even when I had so many ideas!

But here I am, attempting to keep this blog alive for another time.

This time, I’m going to talk about a slice of my fandom life as per usual. Well, more likely about video games, including gacha ones and my bad spending habits. Yes….

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Sol Qamar (Short) Appreciation Post

I tend to update this blog whimsically, and right now I’m going to do it! Was getting ideas to post about how Idolmaster series affect me since it’s the series’ 12th birthday, but…

…then I saw this one certain post on a matome blog about the Idolm@ster Cinderella Girl unit Sol Qamar and I just had to do a short English introduction to them too, inspired by that post!

‘Why’, you ask? Because I love them! Especially Layla! And they deserve so much!

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