Looking Back to My Personal 2 Years of Skyfaring

It has been 2 years since I played Granblue Fantasy, though I considered myself as a ‘noob’ until now.

To be honest, I never have been that serious about it until recently. My current weapon pool isn’t that good either. However, Granblue is the first game I played that had me own SSR characters until 2 full pages thanks to their generosity, and I do enjoy it a lot with its story, anime, and characters that I do want to spend more time on it, though maybe not too intense.

So, I think I gotta write about it once in a while.

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Me and the Short Dreamland of 100 Princes

When asked about animes I’m excited about, I answered quite a few adaptations of franchises I’m interested in; take example Granblue Fantasy, and then Frame Arms Girl. But for some weird reason, I kept on forgetting about Yume100 anime adaptations… despite how I was really into this. That’s why I’m going to write about Yume100 now!

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Holy Month Miracle of Mio-chan!

Today I was nervous as I waited for Cinderella Fest, the special gacha event where the SSR rate is doubled in Deresute. I done a 10 roll and wishing for a miracle… and it happened! I got SSR Mio that I wanted the most out of the New Gene SSRs! And she’s the limited one I prefer!

So I decided to share her screenshots below here, especially for a friend (@hoshinamino on twitter) who asked a lot of her screenshots!

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