[Pripara OCs] Interview with Azure⭐and Amane🎵

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, aah! I’m still writing for KAORI, fyi, but even then there’s not much writings from me ;; Since, well, my recent obsession as you probably could’ve seen from my twitter are my Pripara OCs, I decided to do an interview-kind of post with these two to explore more to their characters.

As a short introduction for them, you can visit their twitter bots (Amane and Azure), or you can visit their other unit members’ information here on the google doc I made for them. Just treat this as some sort of fanfic, okay?

Okay then, Mega-nee,  I’ll leave it to you to interview them!

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HaruTaka Winter

Hello, hello! It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog, and this time; I should write about something called ‘HaruTaka Winter’ which I should have been posting here since long time ago.

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[Pripara OCs] Sweetie*TriSound

Ok, so decided to post in blog again with OCs seeing my friends post their OC profiles in their blog, lol. This time it’s Pripara OCs.

Actually, 2 of them might have already recognized as my Digimon OCs, but they’re in Pripara for this (I like to think of different AUs for them so this is one of those AUs of them!). This page will be updated with new arts and concepts for them!

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Admiral Yuuhi’s Kancolle Journal, Circa 24 February 2015

You know, it’s been quite a while since I last updated! Truth is, I don’t know what to put on this blog because of my attenton span, and end up being active on sites like Tumblr or Twitter where blogging are just simpler. I’ve been busy with KAORI Newsline too, so there’s that… *ahem* Anyways, I decided to write something about my Kancolle journey so far, inspired by some posts I saw on FB…. Yeah, for record purpose!

Admiral Yuuhi (ユウヒ)’s Kancolle Journal

Circa 24 February 2015

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