Onto the New Age of Aikatsu Stars!

Some new brands have recently been leaked for the next Aikatsu Stars season, and I will be voicing my opinions on it!

Obviously, there’s going to be some spoilers for Aikatsu Stars if leaks weren’t your thing and some speculations too.

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Spoiling Self in Valentine’s Day

I sure am heck one of the Riajuu bunch in this year’s Valentine’s, since I have a boyfriend. But he’s been busy with his job, and I just got my income from Comifuro 7, so I decided to spoil myself a little for this day…. by ordering some… stuff.

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オシャレ♥Tune Playlist!

You might have already known that Aikatsu had inspired me a lot; including sparking back my interest in fashion. Which, had helped me find a new dream beyond just learning Japanese, and made me more confident of looking for cute outfits to dress myself up with.

…..One thing for sure, this post isn’t about that only. It’s about some anime and related songs I like that have become some kind of muse for my fashionable self. Listening to them made me feel prettier, and I sure hope these songs will inspire you to be pretty too ♥

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Adoration for Innocence

You see, it’s been a while since I updated this blog, and I don’t even know if anyone would even be reading this! I’ve been busy tweeting, drawing, and even writing fanfics and original web novel, Magical Idols HiFuMI NovA!

There are lots of things that have changed during the times I didn’t use to blog. Including me having a new OTP, Malasadashipping— which I will write about sometime later, me moving on from KagePro and obsessing over Jin’s new project NIRVANA instead, and other kinds of stuff I may or may not be able to mention here.

There’s one thing that hardly changes; my adoration for children-aimed series, and their innocence.

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Thank You, Aikatsu.

Aikatsu! have ended, soon to be continued as a brand new series named Aikatsu Stars.

As I finished my dinner of salmon steak while watching the final episode, I still never thought a day when I had to say goodbye to Akari and Ichigo will come this soon. However, this made me realized how much I’m thankful of Aikatsu’s existence. I’m going to write down each one of what I’m thankful of, on this post.

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