A New Page in My Writing Life

Something my Twitter follower might already know, but I quit my job at KAORI for some reason. Being with KAORI Newsline was a fun thing to experience, though. I don’t intend to abandon writing articles altogether; instead, I will focus them on this blog! I want to make this blog more active, hopefully.

I want to make this blog more active from now on….

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The Naive Return

How long had I abandoned this blog? Okay, maybe not really abandoning, because I still does post some new pages here and there, like my OC page. As you can see, I’m not a very consistent blogger, and I often got overwhelmed by other kind of social medias. Like Twitter or Tumblr (my Tumblr is practically reblogs, though). Or even Facebook. (But it’s not like my page is kind of active too, oops).

Thing is, there’s one thing that made me avoid writing blog, aside from my inconsistency.

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A New Story

Hello! I am the same Aya Yuuhi that wrote the previous ‘The Little Tales of a Little (fan)Girl‘.


I decided to move on to WordPress from now on. Compared to the previous one, this blog will be more to information on my original writing, information on Mekakushidan Indonesia group activites, album or book review and information about Japanese Pop Culture related events I attended or will attend—- and all will be in English!