Looking Back to My Personal 2 Years of Skyfaring

It has been 2 years since I played Granblue Fantasy, though I considered myself as a ‘noob’ until now.

To be honest, I never have been that serious about it until recently. My current weapon pool isn’t that good either. However, Granblue is the first game I played that had me own SSR characters until 2 full pages thanks to their generosity, and I do enjoy it a lot with its story, anime, and characters that I do want to spend more time on it, though maybe not too intense.

So, I think I gotta write about it once in a while.

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With my Own Pace

Well, not a very interesting post since I’m posting this for myself, but… Juggling between mobile games, doing creative fanworks, and college, there’s something important I have just come to notice recently.

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Cutest Itabag in the Sky Realm

You see, there’s a huge problem in having too many favorite characters. You’d need more money to get merches of all of your faves. That trouble has led me to not being able to decide on which character to make an Itabag of— a concept I’ve been interested in for a while since I like collecting wearable merchandise.

I did think of doing one with Gudako from FGO, but her merch was tough to find and I can’t find any bags I’d do her itabag on yet. Then, the Granblue anniversary made me decidedon my first itabag’s featured character after a few consideration; Cagliostro from Granblue Fantasy, and yesterday, her base arrived!

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