[Pripara] 0-week-Old ver Love Week Old Translation

0-week old is one of my favorite Pripara songs ever, especially the 2nd version— and I’m glad to see from Twitter polls that there are people who want to see 2nd version translated! So I’m doing it here.

Took the Kanji I’m using for this translation from Pripara wiki! They have the translation for the 1st version and romaji too, go there for it!

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[Fate/Grand Order] Lose Your Way by Round Table Translation

So, I’ve been really busy with Fate/GO lately and I’m doing the Shinjuku chapter of Epic of Remnant right now– since it has quite lots of my biases (coughHolmesandthatArchercough) it’s quite fun!

On a fling, and to fill out this blog since it’s lacking update lately, I decided to translate the theme song, ‘Lose Your Way’ that’s on the PV. I love it, and I think it’s very suiting to the classy theme of the Shinjuku chapter— especially on Archer of Shinjuku and his role in this chapter. Well, saying how it connects to him and his true name would be a spoiler!

Anyways, I do plan to translate/transliterate Seirennaru Heretics (Salem chapter theme song) sooner or later since it’s currently very hyped, haha…

Kanji lyrics I’m using for this translation are from here. Thanks!

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