Terror and Baper

A shame to say, it’s just the start of October, everyone’s doing Inktober and yet I’m being depressed for no concrete reason, probably due to baper (bawa perasaan, an Indonesian slang bringing the feelings too much)…. Thinking about life, the future, everything made my head hurts. A lot. I can’t even think what to write in this blog for a while… but here I am attempting to write about some happier things, and when randomly trying to find something in my head….

I remember how I felt connected to one song.

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Why You Should Read Nerusona

The Drama Club of Nerusona by Chacha

The Drama Club of Nerusona by Chacha. Used with permission.

Lately, my obsession (aside from idol animes, magical girls animes also KagePro) has been the series of Neru’s songs image characters. Despite being a small fandom without actual canon, the ‘Neru-ke’ have a really nice set of fans I befriended.

One of the most stand-outed fanworks of Neru-ke that I’ve been invested in lately is Nerusona, and I have to say, it’s the English fanwork 0f Neru-ke you just have to read, even if you don’t know anything about it.

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