Adoration for Innocence

You see, it’s been a while since I updated this blog, and I don’t even know if anyone would even be reading this! I’ve been busy tweeting, drawing, and even writing fanfics and original web novel, Magical Idols HiFuMI NovA!

There are lots of things that have changed during the times I didn’t use to blog. Including me having a new OTP, Malasadashipping— which I will write about sometime later, me moving on from KagePro and obsessing over Jin’s new project NIRVANA instead, and other kinds of stuff I may or may not be able to mention here.

There’s one thing that hardly changes; my adoration for children-aimed series, and their innocence.

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Terror and Baper

A shame to say, it’s just the start of October, everyone’s doing Inktober and yet I’m being depressed for no concrete reason, probably due to baper (bawa perasaan, an Indonesian slang bringing the feelings too much)…. Thinking about life, the future, everything made my head hurts. A lot. I can’t even think what to write in this blog for a while… but here I am attempting to write about some happier things, and when randomly trying to find something in my head….

I remember how I felt connected to one song.

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The Naive Return

How long had I abandoned this blog? Okay, maybe not really abandoning, because I still does post some new pages here and there, like my OC page. As you can see, I’m not a very consistent blogger, and I often got overwhelmed by other kind of social medias. Like Twitter or Tumblr (my Tumblr is practically reblogs, though). Or even Facebook. (But it’s not like my page is kind of active too, oops).

Thing is, there’s one thing that made me avoid writing blog, aside from my inconsistency.

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