A Fanfiction to Remember — Shinjuku Phantom Incident: Final Impression (Obviously with spoilers)

To be honest, I’m not a very good reader in FGO, and I tend to skip stories every single time and only relies on summaries.

However, there is something charming about Shinjuku Phantom Incident that led me to read through all of it— well, aside from getting Holmes in gacha, falling for him and wanting to read the story where he’s the most prominent.

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[Review!] Haikyuu!! TV Anime Team Book 1: Karasuno

Well, I’ve been into Kinokuniya a lot and see this book, but not until a week ago I decided to pick it up; this tiny book about the Karasuno team members of Haikyuu.

This book is quite old actually because this book was published even before Season 2, which explains why Kinokuniya have a little stock of them. To be honest, I thought this was going to be one of those purchases I regret— but apparently, it’s not!

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The Law of Nostalgic Feelings

One of the first series I really loved and be a part of fandom of was Law of Ueki. But years passed by and I forgotten almost everything that I felt for the series. A simple trip to my favorite anime openings on Youtube drove me back watching it last year, but it was put on halt on my interest in Pretty Cure series.

However, finally I picked it back up and finished it this October, and I’m glad I did.

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Review: Shonen Fight 1

Indonesian comics are getting more and more interesting, and the comic magazine Re:ON was being praised and having fans all around Indonesia. Another comic magazine than Re:ON that recently steals the attention of media while being praised is titled Shonen Fight. Unlike Re:ON which had comics from all genre, Shonen Fight focused on one genre as its title suggest: Shonen!

This might contains spoilers for the first chapters, by the synopsis.

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[Repost] [Ulasan Doujinshi] Kimi To Me Wo Samasu Hanashi – Konoha X Ene

Tulisan ini merupakan repost (post ulang) dari post saya sendiri di my.JOI tanggal 17 Juli 2014.   10363687_10203870108942887_120975327836790250_n Jujur, saya merupakan salah satu orang yang kecewa akan nihilnya interaksi Konoha dan Ene di Mekakucity Actors. Syukurnya, di saat saya kecewa begini, saya ingat ada satu doujinshi yang pernah saya beli karena kalap (meski harganya tidak manusiawi, meraup total sekitar 500k rupiah.), dan dengan itu, saya memutuskan untuk menulis review soal doujinshi satu ini. Audiens bersorak (NGGAK)

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