Onto the New Age of Aikatsu Stars!

Some new brands have recently been leaked for the next Aikatsu Stars season, and I will be voicing my opinions on it!

Obviously, there’s going to be some spoilers for Aikatsu Stars if leaks weren’t your thing and some speculations too.

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[Translation] Reimei (Daybreak) by ArcoIris Project

This is actually an old translation I did out of hype that there’s a fan-made Ise and Hyuuga character song, which I’ll repost here!

Daybreak (Reimei) by ArcoIris Sound Project

Unofficial image song of Ise and Hyuuga from Kancolle. Music by Homura Takata, vocal by Ciel and MotonariOriginal Japanese Lyrics

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Layla Appreciation Post! [With Profile Translations and Opinions]

To celebrate my precious idol daughter Layla‘s R appearance on Deresute aka The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage, I decided to write out whatever info I could find on her in English, with wishes that people would love her more!

Before we start, I should note that I haven’t got Layla in Deresute, since I was on Deresute hiatus and even if I was not, my phone is broken right now… But I wish it’ll be fixed and running when I decided to roll for Layla, and this post is practically my wish of her R coming to my office….

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