No Matter What, Humans will Always Desire More!

Juggling between Comifuro 9 preparation (which went out quite well, I’m glad!), mobile games, drawing, classes, social media, a 1-week family trip to Tokyo and Osaka, and sometimes my deteriorating mental health, I haven’t really got any time and mood required by my own standard to write a blog post, even when I had so many ideas!

But here I am, attempting to keep this blog alive for another time.

This time, I’m going to talk about a slice of my fandom life as per usual. Well, more likely about video games, including gacha ones and my bad spending habits. Yes….

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A Raccoon-ey Wishlist

Followers of my Twitter might have realized my recent obsession with a certain space raccoon— Rocket Raccoon. And how I get into Marvel with falling in love with him. As it was with my obsessions, naturally, I was looking around for his merchandises— I even bought a set of LINE sticker of raccoon that resembles him.

I’ve been in look for his merchandises (or just GotG merches) for a while, though unfortunately due to my limited budget, I can’t buy any of them yet. But at least I could list them all, in case my parents would buy me them for my birthday in 2 months…?

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