Welcome to Slice o’Life Coffee Shop!

~Original Character Project~

In a world where human and fantastical creatures live together, technology co-existing in a world of magic, there’s one certain coffee shop in a certain country that was just like other coffee shop of the era. This is the story of the girls whose lives revolves around the coffee shop called Slice O’Life, shortened as ‘SoL’!

Pixiv Logs: 1



A dark-skinned lamia with brown hair and magenta eyes. She is an avid workaholic and adores normal daily life things. She’s good at making coffee and is very perfectionist about it. Caramell is not her real name, it was a nickname from her boss. Seems to have a rivalry with her slacker workmate Konoha. Her parents are adventurer and are often not around.


A blonde, blue eyed human who lived in a secluded island of humans before she moved into the town to continue her studies in college. A regular costumer to SoL. Feeling inferior as a human without any special skills after she moved into the town, she develops chuunibyou personality. She have a crush on Caramell, though Caramell is often annoyed by her antics.


A green haired half-elf without any supernatural power but a weird sense of humor. Her hobbies includes blogging about puns and writing, and prefers tea than coffee. She’s good at making pastries. Aside from her job in Sol, she’s a popular comedy writer who have published books. She lives only with her little sister Hana. She’s dense enough to not notice Helena’s feelings towards her.


A werewolf girl with low self esteem and a crush for Konoha. She’s a part-timer who still studies Literature major in a college, and lives alone in the same apartment block as Konoha. It seems like her parents lived in other side of the globe for work. She have this problem of turning into wolf form whenever she’s shy and embarrassed— which got worse during full moons.



The owner aka boss of Slice o’ Life, a tiny fairy who is very good in making enchanted ingredients for the shop. He loves vivid colors and tried to paint everything bright yellow. He’s actually muscular. Is very supportive of the girls and easily cries during sad movies. Since his wife died, he only lives with his daughter Nicole.



Konoha’s pink-haired little sister. A shut in NEET who are supposed to be on high school. Have power to control plants with her sleep talk, which often locks Konoha out if she came home late and Hana already fallen asleep. Seems to be an avid dating sim player. She supports Helena and want her to confess to her sister.




Nicknamed Nico, Nicole is the blonde fashionable human-sized fairy and the daughter of Boss, who often pay a visit to her father’s workplace. A high school girl. She’s very popular in her class with her calming smile and cheerful personality. Her sole weakness is handsome voices who usually will make her nosebleed, regardless of gender.




A centaur high school girl with white hair. She’s a part-timer  at Sol and treats Caramell as a honored senior. She have a very obvious crush on Nicole— despite her cool and reliable personality, she is easily freaked out and all blushing when she’s around Nicole. Have a flat chest and deep voice so she’s a lot like a handsome guy, but her voice grew high when she’s around Nicole.


A red-haired college student who is a regular costumer at SoL. He is Hana and Konoha’s childhood friend. He is a mermaid whose legs will turn into tail when he’s wet. A guy who enjoys cross-dressing just because he claims that he doesn’t want to break people’s dream of a mermaid princess— it’s just a reasoning for him enjoying skirts and lies, it seems…. He also claims to be Konoha’s ex-boyfriend, but according to Hana, it’s a blatant lie.